Beatrice Murch

Buenos Aires is one of the LGBT capitals of Latin America, and this has been especially so since the legalization of same sex marriages came through in 2010, although Wong Kar Wai was already paving the way since 1997 with his film Happy Together about a couple from Hong Kong that visit Buenos Aires to save their relationship.

Although the local LGBT scene is thriving and there is a big community, both local and foreign, it is not so focused on specific LGBT spots so they aren’t necessarily the best places to stop by for drinks and dancing. Below, we have included a selection of top LGBT places, and other friendly glamorous hotspots to check out that are not just gay targeted.

Also, keep in mind that the annual Pride Parade will take place on the 26th of November, although,there are many political undertones this year that have created some controversy in the LGBT community regarding support of the event (Spanish speakers will be able to follow the discussion on the event’s facebook page here).

 LGBT Venues

Pride Café:  A great spot in San Telmo for a light lunch or coffee and a sweet treat. Their chocotorta is one of the best in the city! Balcarce 869, San Telmo

Casa Brandon: Self dubbed as a queer culture club that questions the idea of gender, this is a great spot to participate in artistic events and open minded get togethers with a mostly local crowd. Luis Maria Drago 236, Almagro

HumanClub and Rheo: are a gay party nights that take place at the well known Palermo centered Crobar. If you like all night dancing, this is definitely a place to go! More information here. Marcelino Freire & Av. Infanta Isabel, Palermo.

Other Glam Hotspots

Isabel: One of the most glamorous stylish bars in Palermo that also serves some of the best cocktails. Do stop by. Uriarte 1664, Palermo.

Milion: Set in a renovated french style house, this classy bar brings all kinds of people together and has a great outdoor area for the warmer months. Paraná 1048, downtown.

Frank’s Bar: One of the city’s most successful speakeasies and for good reason, it offers glamour, mystery and great cocktails. Arévalo 1445, Palermo.

Faena Library Lounge: Puerto Madero is a must and you can cap off your visit at the Faena Library Lounge which is top notch and very gay friendly. Martha Salotti 445, Puerto Madero.

Club 69: Niceto Club’s most famous party takes place on Thursday and is everything its name promises it to be. Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo.

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