Christmas Dinner at UCO


jojo 77

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and at UCO being jolly means eating well which is why the Christmas menu has been specially designed to make the best of the celebration.

Below, we give you a glimpse of what will be on our table, and if you wish to join us, make sure to book your place in advance at 011 3220-6820.

We start off with our famous cold cut selection that we cure in our very own kitchen. It includes pork shoulder, apple chutney, veal tongue, chimichurri, pork terrine, homemade mustard, paté, slivered almonds, pastrami, pickles, pork tenderloin cured in herbs, smoked trout and fennel.

After that, a fresh summer salad of shrimps, organic tomatoes, leafy greens and sprouts.

Then, a special seasonal rice with deer and morchella mushrooms.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the lamb shoulder, slow cooked for eighteen hours.

For dessert, passion fruit, double chocolate and dry fruits give the meal a nice finish before the petit fours.

The menu includes water, wine pairings and coffee and costs 3000 pesos per person.

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