Argentina’s Top Ice Cream Flavors

chocolate vanilla

PH: matias jaramillo

One of the things Argentina is known for is its delicious ice-cream. Now that the Spring-Summer season is in full bloom, indulging in this sweet treat is a must! Below is our pick of top five local flavours. If you go out for a cone on the night of the 21-11 from 7pm onwards, ice-cream shops will be offering a 50% discount!

Dulce de leche: The most classic Argie ice-cream flavor is local trademark caramel. You can have it plain, or granizado which means it comes with chocolate chips, with almonds, brownie chunks, and whatever other combination the stop you go to may have thought up.

Menta Granizada: Perfect for hot summer days, this chocolate chip mint flavor is a local retro classic that many still choose, although never near as much as dulce de leche.

Sambayón: This rich and creamy eggnog flavor is perfect for those that like a little liquor in their ice-cream flavor. A classic favorite amongst older generations.

Maracuyá: Passion fruit ice-cream is relatively new to the Argie heladería scene but it is definitely a hit, specially for those that like creamy vibrant fruit flavors. Those that like lighter, fresher fruit flavors can choose from flavors “al agua” which are prepared with water instead of milk.

Specialty ice-creams: For those that are bold and like to experiment, most ice-cream stores have their own special and unique flavors which can range from malbec ice-cream to marroc (a typical Argentine candy).

If you are staying at Fierro, make sure to stop by UCO to try a delicious scoop of our special cinnamon ice cream!


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