New Year in Buenos Aires 2017-18


PH: Merritt Boyd

With Santa back in the North Pole it’s time now to bid the old farewell and welcome in the new. 2018 is just around the block and if you’re in Buenos Aires for the festivity best to start planning now.

At Fierro we offer a special UCO celebration with a unique tasting menu paired with some top of the line Argentine wines. All in all,  a great way to get to know our cuisine and to enjoy the holiday cheer! Additionally, when the weather is nice, the lovely garden is ideal to celebrate special occasions.Make sure to book your place in advance! Soler 5862, Palermo. Tel:  011 3220-6820

If you are not staying in the hotel for New Year, keep in mind that transport options are very limited on the 31st at night. We suggest that you plan something within walking distance to the hotel. Otherwise, make sure to make transport arrangements in advance and be ready to pay high rates. Also, make sure to make all reservations with time to ensure that you get a table!

On the 1st, we will be serving our special New Year breakfast. As it is a national holiday, most things will be closed, however if the sun is up and the temperature is nice, strolling some of the beautiful Palermo parks is a great option. If it’s hot, you can always cool off at the rooftop pool!

Most importantly, you probably want to know where the best New Year party will be. We suggest you take a look and pick from this list here. Otherwise, ask our friendly front desk staff and they will direct you to the perfect spot to greet 2018!

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