The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, best known as BAFICI was created 19 year ago.  As a “B Side” of the more traditional “A” Mar del Plata Film Fest, BAFICI emerged as a beacon for the independent film scene worldwide. Back then, it
showcased an ample spectrum of films including the works of a young Pablo Trapero (Crane World, 1999), Samira Makhmalbaf (The Apple, 1998) and Laurent Cantet (Human Resources, 1999), amongst others. This eclectic influence has always been the heart of BAFICI, and in its present edition we are happy to recommend three interesting options for this rainy weekend.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (Jack Arnold, 1954). Friday 20th 19:00hs, Parque Centenario Amphitheatre. Following the success of Guillermo del Toro “The Shape of Water”, we invite you to enjoy the cult horror masterpiece that inspired it.

Contrapelota (Diego Crespo, 2018). Saturday 21st 15.45hs, Village Recoleta. A passionate debut film for local screenwriter Diego Crespo, Contrapelota explores the incredible world of an amateur soccer league through a 4 story approach. Asado and Malbec isn’t enough. To really know Argentina, you must experience its love for this beautiful sport.

Cartoon Saloon Short Films (Various, 2009/17). Sunday 22nd. 18.30hs, Village Recoleta. If you think animation is just for kids, you’re missing on a whole lot of art! From the Irish studio responsible for the heartfelt, beautifully crafted stories such as Song of the Sea (2014) and The Secret of Kells (2009), here’s a chance to enjoy Cartoon Saloon’s short films on the big screen.

Find the full program and information about tickets here.

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