The staff of the Fierro Hotel shares some of the great things Buenos Aires has to offer!  More information about Fierro is available at http://www.fierrohotel.com.

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the 7 links project – I am sure you’ve seen it popping up on several travel blogs in the last few weeks.

    Here’s the link to my post: http://www.lengthytravel.com/my-7-links-and-a-little-more-about-me/

    You can find the rules on the Tripbase website: http://www.tripbase.com/blog/my-7-links-the-rules/

    And a list of all bloggers who have been nominated so far: http://www.tripbase.com/blog/my-7-links-bloggers-nominated-so-far/


  2. I am looking for your expert help on two things from my recent visit!
    – who is the photographer who had exhibit in square (Libertad?) outside the opera house (was up at least through Jan 3)? amazing works.
    – I am trying to contact the artesan who is selling unique jewelry made from bone, wood, horn/antler, and alpaca/silver. They are very modern and many have a carved large oak/gum tree on them. He was at Recolta or Francia Dec 28. I bought one item but now wish I had bought more.

    • Hello LH!
      I think the photographer you are referring to is Aldo Sessa, probably the one with the most photo books of Buenos Aires published so far.
      As for the artisan, sorry we can’t help, we were not in Recoleta that day, but we’ll keep an eye open in case we find him and will let you know.
      Thank you for reading insidebuenosaires.com!

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