BAFICI Animation Film Festival 2013

(Photo by sergio_conda)

The 2013 BAFICI animation film festival kicks off today until the 28th of July. This second edition of the event is proof of the booming local industry and international popularity of animated films, in which 3D has taken protagonism. The festival will screen both local and international animated films, including 12 short film programs and 14 feature films that include movies for children (BAFICITO section) and adults (BAFICI section).  One of the most awaited releases of the year is Metegol (Foosball) a 3D film directed by Oscar winning director Juan José Campanella. At the Centro Cultural Recoleta, there will also be an exhibit of drawings, storyboards, and more related to the production of this ambitious film, which is the most expensive animated film produced in Latin America to date.

The program for the film festival can be acquired here. Tickets are sold from Wednesday to Sunday from 1pm to 9pm at the Centro Cultural San Martín.  Paraná and Sarmiento, Downtown. 

BAFICI Animated Film Festival

(drawings and photo by Mihow_Bitata full animation here)

The inaugural edition of the BAFICI animation film festival kicks off  tomorrow with a broad program of films from around the world. The festival, which has both a selection of films for adults, and one for children will take place at the Centro Cultural San Martin. Some of the most awaited titles include Arrugas, a feature film about Alzheimer’s by the Spanish Ignacio Ferreras that recently won the Goya award for best animated film; ¨Mundo exterior “, a group of short films by international directors; Plymptoons, a compilation of renowned animator Bill Plympton’s cartoons; the six-episode Russian saga Masha and the Bear and the Japanese The Secret World of Arriety, featuring a screenplay by the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki.

Tickets to the festival are already on sale and are 20 pesos for adults, and 10 for students and children. They can be purchased online here, or at the Centro Cultural San Martín from midday to 9pm. Sarmiento 1551, downtown.