The Argentine Flag

(Photo by franciscocellini)

On Monday the bicentennial anniversary of the creation of the Argentine flag will be celebrated around the country.

General Manuel Belgrano  first raised the eye-catching light blue and white national symbol, inspired by the Argentine cockade, on The 27th of February of 1812 in Rosario during the independence war. Although the first triumvirate did not approve the flag, it was allowed as a war flag until 1816, when it was finally made official after the declaration of independence.

There are different theories regarding the symbolism behind the choice of colors of both the cockade and the flag. On one hand it is said to have been taken from the blue and white colors of the Spanish Borbon family, whilst another explanation associates the choice of colors with the Virgin Mary. The most popular explanation is that it was inspired by the sky. Allthough the Inca sun symbol Inti  might lead to think that this last explanation is the correct one, it was a later addition to the flag.

Below we share Aurora, a himn to the flag and Marcha de la Bandera, or march of the flag.