This Week in Buenos Aires



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The Casa FOA Molina Ciudad 2012 will be taking place in La Boca until the 14th of October and is a great chance to get to know Argentine architecture and design tendencies. Av. Regimiento de los Patricios, La Boca.

In the afternoon, stop for some tea and sweet treats at the traditional Confitería Las Violetas and then celebrate the return of the sun at the nearby La Bomba del Tiempo, a percussion orchestra that has become one of the local absolute musts. Centro Cultural Konex Sarmiento 3131, Abasto. 4864-3200


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Stop by the Centro Cultural Borges where the new Jean Tinguely exhibit is being displayed! Viamonte and San Martín, downtown.

The Cirque du Soleil will be presenting their new show from the 8th-30th of September at Complejo al Rio, Vicente Lopez. Tickets here.


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Don´t miss the Astor Piazzolla exhibit at the Centro de Exposiciones in Recoleta. J.E. Couture 2231, Recoleta.

Whilst in the area, take advantage of the sunny weather and explore the surrounding parks and landmarks.

Head to La Rural in the evening and visit the Vinos y Bodegas expo,where Argentine wineries will be showcasing their best wines. More information here.


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This is a perfect time of year for sailing so hop on a boat in Puerto Madero and explore the city from the water! Smile on Sea offers 2 ½ hour trips, extended 4 ½ hour trips, full day trips and night sailing where you get to see the sun set behind the skyscrapers.  Contact:

Book your place at Fierro Hotel’s Thursday wine tasting and sample some great Argentine wines, chosen by the president of the Argentine Sommelier Association Andres Rosberg and in-house Sommelier Martin Bruno. Tastings, which include special tapas from Hernán Gipponi Restaurant, cost 25 USD per person and are limited to 7 people. Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6800.

Megadeth will be staging a live show at the Estadio Malvinas Argentina’s. Tickets here.


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Take advantage of the sunshine and book your place for a Foto Ruta Academia tour where you can get to know the city through the lens while benefiting from professional photography tips! More information here.

In the evening, stop by Palermo’s new hotspot Rey de Copas, where you can sit down comfortably for drinks and French inspired nibbles! Gorriti 5176, Palermo / T. 2068-5220

Die Toten Hosen will be playing at the Estadio Malvinas Argentina’s. Tickets here.

Saturday and Sunday

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At the starting point of the Paraná delta, in the outskirts of the city, is the town of Tigre, set on an island lined by small rivers and streams. This rugged location surrounded by nature offers a variety of attractions including canoeing,  kayak  and other excursions by boat, trekking, ecotourism, motorboat and commuter boats to take you to different places on the riverside, restaurants, spas, tea-houses, picnic sites, a naval museum, an art museum, a mate museum, a casino, a crafts fair and an amusement park.

Find a ten-day weather forecast here.

Argentine Wines: Torrontés


It is perhaps our meat eating culture that conjures the rapid association of red wine with the local viticulture, however, and despite the Argentine Malbec’s superstardom, there is a white wine that is 100% Argentina and it is the Torrontés. Bred from a cross between Muscatel and Criolla Chica (brought by Spanish missionaries to South America in the 16th Century) this national gem is produced solely in Argentina’s North West region, in the provinces of Mendoza, La Rioja, San Juan and in Salta where allegedly the Torrontés is best.

The pale yellow-green or golden colored wine has an intense fragrance reminiscent of roses, jasmines, and tropical and citric fruits, complementing poultry,  seafood and creamy dishes to perfection. It is also often paired with spicy food or enjoyed alone as an aperitif.

For a special sample of Argentine wines, accompanied by snacks from HG Restaurant, don’t miss our weekly tastings every Thursday starting at 7PM at Fierro Hotel.  Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220 6800.