Buenos Aires Agenda: December/Diciembre (7-13)


Bolero (Shoe Shine Blues)

(Francis Alÿs-Bolero (Shoe Shine Blues))

Check out the new MALBA exhibit of Belgian artist Francis Alÿs’s poetic-political artwork. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo. 

You can also head to the Centro Cultural Konex where famous percussion group, La Bomba del Tiempo, will be carrying out their Monday show starting at 7pm. Sarmiento 3151, Almagro.

El MALBA tiene en exhibición una muestra del trabajo político-poético del artista belga Francis Alÿs. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

También a la tarde, a partir de las 19hs., la famosa orquesta de percusión, La Bomba del Tiempo se presenta, como todos los lunes, en el Centro Cultural Konex.Sarmiento 3151, Almagro.


11282394763_9ee245b235_z(Photo by regan76)

The 8th of December is a national holiday in Argentina due to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. To join in on the local festivities, head to Tigre where there is annual party to celebrate. Those that wish to attend mass can do so at 6.30pm at the intersection of the streets Lavalle and Madero. Later, there will be a nautical procession, fireworks and live music by local artists. It is also the day in which Christmas trees are put up.

El 8 de diciembre es feriado nacional en Argentina ya que se celebra el Día de la Virgen. En el Tigre se llevarán a cabo diferentes eventos para quienes quieran participar de las festividades, incluyendo la misa a las 18.30hs. en Lavalle y Madero, una procesión náutica, fuegos artificiales y la presentación en vivo de músicos locales. También es el día en que se pone el árbol de Navidad.



(Photo by « м Ħ ж »)

A sunny Wednesday is perfect for taking a Foto Ruta Tour where you can get to know the city from a different perspective!

In the evening, Morrisey will be staging a live show at the Teatro Ópera. Tickets here. 

Un miércoles de sol es ideal para hacer un tour fotográfico de Buenos Aires con Foto Ruta y ver la ciudad con otro enfoque.

A la noche, se presenta Morriesey en el Teatro Ópera. Entradas aquí.


(Photo by Bruno Sebastián Solar)

On Thursday political sentiments will be high as the new president will take office. The act will take place at the Pink House at 1.30pm.

A7pm, the MACBA art museum in San Telmo will be showing a special screening of The wings of desire by Wim Wenders.

In the evening, Morrisey will be staging a live show at the Luna Park Stadium. Tickets here.

El sentimiento político estará en alza ya que asume su cargo el nuevo presidente de la nación. El evento se llevará a cabo en la Casa Rosada a las 13.30hs.

A las 19hs. el museo de arte MACBA realizará una proyección de Las alas del deseo de Wim Wenders.

A la noche, Morrisey se presenta en el Teatro Ópera. Entradas aquí.



(Photo by seleniamorgillo)

If the weather forecast is right and it should rain from Friday through the weekend, check out our recommended rainy day activities in Buenos Aires.

The Colón Theatre’s last staging of Wagner’s Parcifal will be taking place at 8pm. Tickets here.

Si el pronóstico del tiempo acierta y llueve a partir del viernes y durante el fin de semana, hay una lista de actividades recomendadas para hacer en Buenos Aires cuando llueve aquí.

La última función de la ópera Parcifal de Wagner se lleva a cabo en el Teatro Colón a las 20hs. Entradas aquí.

Saturday and Sunday/Sábado y Domingo

this is not a gallery

(Photo by Rick Powell)

Book your place at UCO´s delicious weekend brunch, with a great Irish version as well! 3220-6800Soler 5862, Palermo.

On Saturday afternoon, the last Gallery Day event of the year will be taking place in Palermo and Villa Crespo. Stop by to discover the local art scene and maybe to buy some Christmas gifts as well. 

On Saturday evening at 8.30pm, the Museo Larreta in Belgrano is staging a stunning Lorca inspired Flamenco show. Juramento 2291, Belgrano.

Hacé tu reserva para degustar el delicioso brunch de UCO restaurante que  ofrece también una variante de desayuno irlandés. 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

El sábado a la tarde se lleva a cabo el último Gallery Day del año en Palermo en Villa Crespo, una oportunidad tanto para descubrir el mercado de arte local, y también para comprar algún regalo de navidad.

El sábado a la noche a las 20.30hs., el Museo Larreta en Belgrano presenta un espectáculo impactante de flamenco inspirado en la obra de Federico García Lorca. Juramento 2291, Belgrano. 


Fierro’s 2013 Christmas Gift Guide

(Photo by SurprisePally)

Some of us believe that gift giving is one of the happiest aspects of the Christmas season, others prefer receiving and write long lists to Santa letting him know what they expect. Whether you’re amongst the first group and are looking for original ideas to surprise your loved ones, or whether you’re amongst the second and want to make sure that there’s nothing missing on your wish list, here is our pick of local gifts this year. (And for more suggestions you can find our 2011 list  here and our 2012 list here).

Knits: The sunny Summer Argentine weather is probably not inspiring anyone to think about wooly wear, but the northern hemisphere is kicking off Winter, so warm and fuzzy may just be the thing to take back home, if that’s where home is of course. We specially like the new trend in ecological wool and ethical production that design companies like URSA and Laraia Crafts encourage.

Local Art: The local art scene is thriving and offers perfect gift giving opportunities. Hollywood in Cambodia showcases and sells the work of some of the most talented urban artists in the city, whilst Galeria Mar Dulce represents the young up and coming. The gorgeous art tapestries by NESLE also make great gifts and will make walls look all the prettier. Another option is to help fund a project, such as Jellyfish Editorial’s gorgeous Magia y Mística art book.

Another booming local industry is clothes design. Strolling down the streets of Palermo Soho you’re sure to find beautiful and unique gift opportunities. Here is a guide of our favorite Soho designers.

Wine lovers who read Spanish should definitely get a copy of Más allá del Malbec, the new book about wine that our in-house sommelier celebrity Andrés Rosberg and star writer Quintín put together after spending many an afternoon tasting wines, and exploring the depths of the purples and reds. A must read!

Finally, if you’re on a budget and want something way more traditional, the weekend artisans fairs at Plaza Francia, Feria de Mataderos, Plaza Belgrano and San Telmo are great places to stop by and find handcrafted jewelry, leather goods, mates and antiques.