5 Lugares para almorzar liviano en Palermo


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En días de calor es importante mantenerse hidratado y comer liviano para sentirse fresco/a y con energía. A continuación, compartimos una selección de cinco restaurantes en la zona de Palermo para almorzar algo liviano y refrescante.

1-) Artemisia: En esta esquina luminosa y blanca de palermo, el menú de comida natural y orgánica que ofrece Artemisia prioriza la calidad. Es el lugar ideal para ir a comer una ensalada que contenga más que un simple mix de hojas verdes. Costa Rica 5893, Palermo

2-) BIO: También del grupo de los naturales y orgánicos de Palermo, y ubicado en una esquina con sombra, este restaurante tiene un menú muy variado en el que se pueden encontrar sopas frías y más especialidades vegetarianas. Humboldt 2192, Palermo

3-) The Factory Juice Bar: Quienes quieran hacer una escala rápida para reponer vitaminas y quizás comer un sándwich liviano pueden pasar por The Factory. La especialidad de la casa son los jugos de todo tipo, una excelente opción para un día caluroso de verano. El Salvador 4995, Palermo

4-) Omakase: En días de calor, otra alternativa de verano es el sushi. Omakase es un restaurante a puertas cerradas dentro del Bar du Marche (que se especializa en vino), y es uno de los favoritos para comer sushi en la ciudad. Nicaragua 5946, Palermo

5-) La Mar: Por último, no podía faltar una recomendación para comer un clásico ceviche de verano y en La Mar es justamente ésta la especialidad. Además, tienen un patio sombreado para quienes prefieran el aire libre al aire acondicionado. Arévalo 2024, Palermo

Quienes no quieran salir del hotel, siempre tienen la opción de pasar por UCO  donde también ofrecemos ceviche, ensaladas, yogurt y sorbetes, que además se pueden disfrutar en nuestro jardín!

5 Light Lunch Spots in Palermo



On hot summer days it is important to stay hydrated and to eat light and fresh meals that keep you energized and cool. Below, we share a pick of five restaurants in the Palermo area where you can stop by for a refreshing and uplifting lunch.

1-) Artemisia: This bright and white palermo corner offers top quality natural and organic food in a spacy setting, and is the perfect spot to go to if you want a salad that isn’t just a combination of mixed greens. Costa Rica 5893, Palermo

2-) BIO: Also belonging to the natural and organic group of Palermo restaurants, and located on a shady corner, Bio has a great menu including cold raw soups and more. Humboldt 2192, Palermo

3-) The Factory Juice Bar: If you’re on the go and want a shot of vitamins and perhaps a light sandwich, then The Factory is for you. They specialize in juices of all kinds and varieties and are a great summer option. El Salvador 4995, Palermo

4-) Omakase: Another great lunch option on summer days is sushi. Omakase is a closed door restaurant in Bar du Marche (that specializes in wine), and it is one of the city’s sushi favorites! Nicaragua 5946, Palermo

5-) La Mar: Last, but certainly not least, is classic summer ceviche, and this is La Mar’s speciality, plus they have a nice shady patio outside for those that prefer outdoors to air conditioning. Arévalo 2024, Palermo

And if you don’t want to leave the hotel, remember that at UCO we have some great light summer options on our menu too, including ceviche, salads and fresh yoghurt foams and sorbet for dessert, with the option of enjoying them in our garden!

Fierro Loves Hollywood: Brunch

The last fad to hit BA is brunch and it makes perfect sense in a city that parties until the early dawn that waking up late and leisurely brunching become a favorite weekend activity. Options for delectable breakfast+lunch experiences abound, and more so in Palermo, so we picked a few of our favorites in the Hollywood area.

Hernán Gipponi Restaurant: Our very own HG couldn’t go unmentioned, and is top of the top if we do say so ourselves! The restaurant´s diva-worthy brunch experience includes a tasting menu with juices, fruits, yummy medialunas, and then the trademark main courses featuring fish and meat, as well as Bloody Mary and coffee (of course!). Book your place in advance on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays at 3220 6820. Soler 5862.

Oui Oui: This cozy café was one of the first in the area offer European-style bakery (as its French name may suggest) and is one of the most popular, not only for brunch (which includes scrambled eggs, salmon, and scrumptious pastries), but also for lemonade and cakes in the afternoon. Nicaragua 6068. 4778-9614.

Pani: Right across from Oui Oui is this similar popular spot that places an emphasis on the sweet and offers a brunch menu that features dishes with both a foreign and a local flair including its famous Martín Fierro cake made with sweet potato jam. Nicaragua 6044. 4772-6420.

Olsen: The best this Scandinavian restaurant offers is its great selection of vodkas, and so, their post-Saturday fun Bloody Mary is definitely one of the highlights, along with the garden lounge chairs, of this classic Palermo Sunday brunching spot. Food has gotten better and worse reviews over the years, and the menu includes traditional Nordic flavors such as smorgasbord with yummy toppings and typical dishes such as scrambled eggs. Gorriti 5870.  4776-7677

Artemisia: And, for the healthy, this organic restaurant offers a brunch menu full with whole wheat bread, seeds, fruits and juices bound to restore energy and radiance! Gorriti 5996. 4776.5484.