Hot Places for Hot Soup


PH: Chris Ford

During the chilly winter days, there’s nothing better than a heartwarming plate of soup. Below, our pick of five flavourful soup options in BA to keep warm during your stay.

Locro: This typical Argentine soup eaten on national holidays combines pumpkin, maize, meat cuts and legumes for a filling and hearty meal that’s perfect for the cold winter days. Try it all year round at La Morada in Recoleta. +54 11 4343-3003Larrea 1336, Recoleta

Bouillabaisse: The heartwarming seafood soup is perfect for cheering up the chilly weather and the one served at UCO Restaurant is bound to please.+54 11 3220-6820. Soler 5862, Palermo. 

French Onion Soup: A classic winter special, this french soup will both warm and fill you up. Try a great version at Brasserie Petanque.+54 11 4342-7930. Defensa 596, San Telmo. 

Spicy Vegan Raw: Nutritious, light and yet with enough spice to heat things up, this soup is ideal for those with dietary restrictions that want to keep warm and also healthy, available at BIO.+54 11 4774-3880. Humboldt 2192, Palermo.

Chinese: whether with dumplings, seafood, rice noodles or tofu, chinese soups are always a delicious option for cooler days. In the Belgrano Barrio Chino (chinatown) you can either grab a quick one at one of the soup bars in the chinese supermarket or choose one of the many restaurants in the area.