Tours of Buenos Aires – Art Nouveau

(Photo by wallyg)

One of the stunning attractions of Buenos Aires is its beautiful architecture. The city walls, staircases and windows are full of stories each told in their own architectural style.

One of the aesthetic tendencies that marked the city was art nouveau and there are a chock full of buildings that embody this trend. The Art Nouveau Association of Buenos Aires has just launched a map identifying 50 emblematic art nouveau landmarks in the city and they also offer five different tours, each covering a different neighborhood (San Telmo, Balvanera, Recoleta, Downtown and Congreso). In their tours, they not only describe the art nouveau movement, and point out the relevant landmarks, but also tell the stories behind them with the aim of building an idea of how the local cultural identity was constructed.

Tours must be booked in advance with Cecilia Alzano at 15-5376 1305 or at A full list of art nouveau buildings in BA is listed here.