Terrazas de Buenos Aires


PH: John Hughes

Mientras los pájaros hacen sus nidos en las copas de los árboles, nosotros encontramos nuestros propios espacios verdes para disfrutar de unas copas, de buena música y de romances floridos de primavera. Aquí, nuestra selección de 5 terrazas porteñas para aprovechar la nueva estación.

SKY Bar en el Hotel Pulitzer: A partir del 20 de Octubre, el Pulitzer abre las puertas del SKY bar con DJs, tragos y vista panorámica de la ciudad incluida. Av. Maipu 907, downtown

Alvear Roof Bar: De jueves a domingo, a partir de las 18hs., este bar de Recoleta en lo alto del Alvear Palace es el lugar ideal para disfrutar de la hora mágica. Av. Alvear 1891, Recoleta

Crystal Bar- Alvear Icon: Para quienes además de aire quieran un poco de glamour, el Crystal Bar en el piso 32 del Alvear Icon en Palermo es el lugar indicado. Aime Paine 1130, Puerto Madero

Santa Terracita: Un bar a puertas cerradas en Chacarita que se caracteriza por su terraza y por su ambiente relajado y bajo perfil. Para conseguir la dirección hay que comunicarse con ellos vía  Facebook .

Sheldon Bar: Quienes prefieran quedarse en Palermo, pueden acercarse al Sheldon, conocido tanto por su terraza como por su ambiente animado. Honduras 4969, Palermo

Los huéspedes de Fierro Hotel también pueden disfrutar y tomarse un trago en la pequeña piscina con terraza, o sino, en el jardín del hotel. El hotel también cuenta con una suite con terraza y jacuzzi.

A Top a Terrace


While the birds nest in the treetops, we found our own rooftop hotspots to fly up to this Spring. Check out our pick of BA’s top 5 terraces for song singing and flower flirting now that the weather’s warming up again.

SKY Bar at the Hotel Pulitzer: From the 20th of October onwards, live DJ sets, drinks and a superb view of the city, all at the Pulitzer’s SKY bar. Av. Maipu 907, downtown

Alvear Roof Bar: Open from Thursday to Sunday from 6pm to midnight, this Recoleta centered rooftop bar is perfect for cocktails at magic hour. Av. Alvear 1891, Recoleta

Crystal Bar- Alvear Icon: For those that like glamour, the recently opened Crystal Bar on the 32nd floor of the Alvear Icon in Puerto Madero is the place to go. Aime Paine 1130, Puerto Madero

Santa Terracita: Much more low key and laid back is the closed door bar Santa Terracita in Chacarita.Send them a facebook message for instructions on how to get there. 

Sheldon Bar: For those that want to stay in Palermo, the Sheldon is popular both for its outdoor area and its lively music. Honduras 4969, Palermo

Fierro Hotel guests can also relax at the rooftop relax pool with a drink, or at the hotel garden.  For a private terrace with a jacuzzi, there’s always the Terrace Suite.

Top 5 “Bodegones” in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Tanoka)

A bodegon, as it is called in Argentina, is a typical neighborhood restaurant with certain common characteristics. The menu for example usually features what has become the local cuisine; a mix of European flavors mainly from Spain and Italy with a unique Argie twist. Then there’s the waiters, who are generally all men, in their forties, fifties and up, often clad in spick and span white uniforms. Finally these places are all full of history and character, which makes them one of a kind. Below are our top five.

Roticería Miramar: In the heart of the traditional tango barrio of Boedo, this charming traditional “rotisería” offers typical Spanish influenced Argentine food. A good wine selection completes their tasty menu. We recommend you try their oysters, cheese and cold cuts, amazing boquerones, and rabbit amongst other delicacies. San Juan 1999, Boedo, 4304-4261.

Spiagge di Napoli: Obviously Italian (as the name suggests), this well-known bodegon from the twenties is famous for its homemade pasta, specially its fusilli. Av. Independencia 3527, Boedo.

El Obrero: This mythical restaurant in La Boca neighborhood is a classic for visitors looking to taste typical Argentine dishes and great asado!  Decorated with football paraphernalia and antique wooden furniture, the cozy local vibe and great food make El Obrero is well worth the visit, although preferably during the day as the area is a little dodgy at night. Caffarena 64, La Boca, 4362-9912.

Albamonte: This traditional restaurant in Chacarita was founded by a group of restaurant workers who after losing their job in the late fifties decided to open up a place of their own. Today they are still going strong and serving some of the best local cuisine in town. Av. Corrientes 6735, 4553-2400.

El Preferido de Palermo: This typical bodegon that has been in Palermo since the 50’s has maintained its traditional style despite the areas modern boom.  The restaurant’s specialty are their potato tortillas, and other Spanish influenced dishes. Borges 2108, Palermo. 4774-6585.