BAFICI- Independent Film in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Judy**)

Every year crowds of film enthusiasts gather at the Abasto shopping mall to take note and buy tickets for the many screenings they will attend the days to come. The Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, more commonly known as BAFICI, is after all, one of the city’s most popular cultural events of the year. It is also the most important film festival of Latin America, and consequently a good opportunity to get in touch, not only with independent cinematography, but also with the Latin American culture and film industry, which is at a very prolific moment.

Some of our picks for this year’s BAFICI include:

Narcisa Hirsch retrospective:

Narcisa Hirsch was born in Berlin in 1928, but has lived in Argentina since a very young age and is a pioneer in the Argentine experimental circle. Her works include installations, graffitis and experimental films. Four Hirsch programs will be exhibited in the festival; program one will feature works that deal with identity with an autobiographical twist, the second program is thematically more diverse and will explore the filmmaker’s style,  the third program will include five films screened in their original 16mm format and the fourth program will showcase some of her documentaries. More information here.

El Rascacielo Latino by Sebastian Schindel:

This documentary by Sebastian Schindel is about the Palacio Barolo, often mentioned in this blog as one of the city’s highlights. If architecture and literature are you’re thing, then surely you will enjoy both the documentary and a visit to the place itself. Find timetables here.

Dromomanos by Luis Ortega

Argentine film maker Luis Ortega depicts an estranged and marginal world where he tells the tale of five wanderers who roam the city’s streets and a shanty town, each with their own coping strategy (a trio fascinated with pigs, an alcoholic psychiatrist and a neuropsychiatric patient who believes to have found the love of his life). The world the director shows is nocturnal and lyrical, imprinting his artistic vision of the city and the characters that explore it. More information here.

Joy Division  and Meeting People is Easy by Grant Gee

These two documentaries, one about Joy Division, the other about Radiohead’s 1997 OK Computer tour, are built in a way that the bands’ idiosyncrasies are depicted through the visual decisions and the points of view that the director chooses to describe them. More information here.

This year also features a special program for children (BAFICITO) where two animated films -Supernovas, a love story between a rocket scientist and a star, and Victor y Garu, about the intergalactic adventures of two friends-  will be screened at the Planetarium. See program here.

There will also be free outdoor screenings of eight films (two of them for children) at Anfiteatro del Parque Centenario. Find the program here.

The full BAFICI program is available here. We recommend you buy tickets as soon as you can as they do sell out fast.