This Week: 24th-30th of August



(Photo by Linh Nguyen)

Start off the week with a steaming cup of top quality coffee at the coffee fair taking place from 11am to 8pm at the Four Seasons Hotel. More information here.

At 5 pm, the semi-finals of the Tango Festival and World Championship will be taking place at La Usina del Arte in La Boca. Tickets are free and will be handed out one hour prior to the show on a first come first serve basis. More information about the festival here.



(Photo by Benjamin Jopen)

It’s Italian cuisine week in Buenos Aires to the joy of pasta and pizza lovers alike. The event also features other activities related to Italian Culture. More information here.

You can also catch an eco-friendly film at the Green Film Fest taking place until the 26th of August. More information here.



(Photo by Aldo Tapia)

Check out the MALBA’s current exhibits of Argentine artist Rogelio Polesello, and the other of Peruvian artist Teresa Burga. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

In the evening, don’t miss the ballet production of Sylvia being staged at the Colón Theatre on the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th of August. Tickets here.



(Photo by Josadaik Alcântara Marques)

Take one of Foto Ruta’s Street Scape tours and learn some photography tips while discovering the city from a different angle. More information here.

The Tango Festival and World Championship finals will be taking place at the Luna Park theatre at 7pm. More information here.



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Friday is a day for indulging! Book your place for the full parrilla experience with Parrilla Tour. These filling excursions, which take place in San Telmo on Fridays, will surely leave you satisfied.

Book your place for the free concert that will be staged at the Palacio Paz in the evening. To book your place for the concert write to:

Otherwise, head to Club Niceto in Palermo where indie band Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah will be staging a live show at 9pm. Tickets here.

Saturday and Sunday

Book your place at UCO´s unique weekend brunch, now revamped with an Irish version as well! 3220-6800Soler 5862, Palermo.

On Saturday evening, Jazz legend Stanley Clarke will be staging a live show at the ND Ateneo Theatre. Tickets here.

Head to the Ecological Reserve behind Puerto Madero and look for the stunning monument La Fuente de las Nereidas which depicts the birth of Venus, and was sculpted by Lola Mora, one of Argentina’s most renowned women artists.

You can also stop by the Palermo Rosedal where you can rent paddle boats to cruise the small lake alongside the ducks, and visit the Sivori Museum, which offers free tours in English and German on Saturdays at 3pm and 5pm! Av. Infanta Isabel 555, Palermo.

Fierro Loves Hollywood: Cafés

Café culture is a porteño trademark, and the many gorgeous traditional cafés that are scattered around the city are proof that locals have thrived on cafecitos and medialunas ever since BA´s founding days. During the last few years, a new type of café has sprung offering a wider variety of pastries inspired by French and North American cuisine. In Palermo, cafés pop up every day, offering from scrambled eggs and bacon for a potent way to start the day, to the more understated and local caffeine and sugar combinations.

Best Coffee

Café Montenegro serves Lavazza coffee, and many a foreigner chooses this lovely spot at the corner of Soler and Arevalo because quality java is a guarantee. Arévalo and Soler, Palermo Hollywood.  4040.3783.

The Italian style In Bocca al Lupo café offers top-notch coffee and also delicious sandwiches, nutella filled croissants, and all in a spacey luminous setting complete with an outdoor patio.  Bonpland 1965, Palermo. 4774-3692.

Yummy cakes and Palermitan cozy feel

There is an overwhelming amount of cafés in the Palermo area, and the type that features flowery streamers and rustic atmospheres are the most popular. The most renowned and for good reason are the pioneer Oui Oui, Voltaire (lovely lighting and outdoor seating), Porota (passion fruit muffins!), and Pani ( famous for its sweet potato jam cheesecake). Of course, there are many others and if there’s one you’ve found that missed the list, please share with us!

Bookworm Heaven

Sipping on coffee and reading is the perfect match and Eterna Cadencia, our favorite neighborhood bookstore has tapped into this and also has a gorgeous café with natural light coming in from the rooftop windows. Honduras 5574, Palermo. 4774-4100.


For those who want a real porteño experience then stopping by El Bar del Gallego is a must. This corner café belongs to Don Emilio, who despite being offered millions for his prized location sticks to his guns and continues serving the local classics, as well as the bars specialty- a baguette with prociutto, cheese and butter. The bar will soon be moving to the opposite corner and so will be closed during the first fortnight of November. Bonpland 1703, Palermo Hollywood. 4771-1526.

Buenos Aires Culinary Week

(Photo by wallyg)

Starting tomorrow, Buenos Aires Culinary Week will bring new recipes, delicious food and restaurant discounts to the porteño palate.

The event, which will take place at different venues around the city until the 12th of October will include live cooking classes by celebrity chefs, a photography contest, a special gala and promotional prices at bars and restaurants.

Live cooking classes

5th of October at 4pm- Osvaldo Gross at Barrancas de Belgrano.

6th of October at 4pm- Guillermo Busquiazo at Av. Infanta Isabel and Av. Iraola in Palermo.

7th of October at 4pm- Soledad Nardelli at Av. Infanta Isabel and Av. Iraola in Palermo.

8th of October at 4pm- Dolli Irigoyen at Plaza de Mayo (Rivadavia and Reconquista.)

Other Events

9th and 11th of October at 7pm- Porteño Drinks Class by José Luis Jáuregui. ISEHG- Tucumán 1610, Downtown. Book your place at

9th of October at 7pm- Photography contest at Foto Club Buenos Aires– Hipólito Yrigoyen 834, downtown. Book your place at

10th of October at 6.30pm- Gala at the Museo Fernández Blanco– Suipacha 1422, downtown. Book your place at

10th of October at 7pm- Special pastry class by the Mexican Pastry Tournament winners. ISEHG- Tucumán 1610, Downtown. Book your place at

12th of October at 6.30pm- Award ceremony for photography contest. AHRCC- Tucumán 1610, downtown. Book your place at

12th of October at 7pm- Coffee tasting event at ISEHG– Tucumán 1610, Downtown. Book your place at

There will also be a series of specialized classes for chefs and culinary professionals. The full program is available here.

All events are free of charge and those specified above require a previous booking to participate. The list of restaurants and bars offering promotions and discounts is available here.

Sightseeing off the beaten path: A unique Bookshop

Librería El Ateneo

The old theater on Santa Fe Avenue was turned into a bookstore in the end of the 90’s. Now the stage is a cafe and there is plenty of room to sit and enjoy your books. Great to find photo books about the city and the contryside for your coffee talbe at home. Librería el Ateneo, Santa Fe 1860