Our Dining Picks: Freud & Fahler

Set in the heart of hip Palermo on one of its emblematic corners is Freud & Fahler, one of the city’s most enjoyable and understated culinary spots.

Having rebaptized the restaurant as “La Nueva Esperanza” ( the new hope), owner and chef Pablo Lykan could be interpreted as an altruist hedonist with a clear mission: the comeback of taste. At least it would seem that way based on the quality and  flavors derived from his masterful hand.

The lunch menu is laden with vegetables and simple surprises, whilst the dinner menu is the true star of the night. Mediterranean and French influences, a combination of contrasting flavors and textures, and a great wine list, make for this restaurants success. For added charm, hand drawn images by the chef of each dish  accompany the delightful menu.

Cabrera 5300, Palermo




Open Mon-Sat, closed Sundays and national holidays.

Our Dining Picks: Green Bamboo

(Photo by azotesdivinos)

The Vietnamese identify five flavors; salty, sweet, bitter, spicy and sour,  which Taoist tradition aims to combine harmoniously as nature combines the elements of fire, earth, metal, wood and water.  This culinary philosophy is what Green Bamboo has adopted for their exotic Vietnamese-fusion menu. The warm and inviting atmosphere with low tables and dim lighting complete the enjoyment of dining and the creative drinks from their great bar must be sampled!

Green Bamboo

Costa Rica 5802, Palermo



Open evening from 8.30pm