Christmas Eve Parties in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Looking Glass)

Christmas Eve is a big celebration in Argentina. Big family dinners, presents and fireworks are all part of the festivity, and afterwards its time for fun with friends at the great Christmas Eve parties around the city. Because this year Christmas Eve is on a Monday more places will be closed than usual, those open are listed below:

Club Severino: Navidad Terror. Starting at 1am, Club Severino, a Monday night nightclub will be celebrating Christmas with great DJs, surprises and more. Since they only celebrate once every seven years when Christmas falls on a Monday, its bound to be a night to remember. Hipólito Yrigoyen 851, Downtown.

Pacha Buenos Aires: This legendary nightclub will be holding their annual Christmas bash with their trademark electronic beats, at the hand this time of German DJ Tocadisco. Tickets available here.

Magic Christmas at Niceto Club: The Palermo centered club is always a great go-to place when looking to party and Christmas is no exception. Tickets here.

Christmas Husset: It bar Unicorn Husset will be brining in one of the most fun crowds for drinking and mischief starting at 1.30 a.m. Honduras 5730, Palermo.

Franks Bar: This popular Palermo speakeasy requires that you figure out their clues which they post on their Facebook page daily. For Christmas they will be serving festive cocktails after midnight. Arévalo 1445, Palermo.

878: Hidden in Villa Crespo, this bar is often recommended for its variety of wines and whisky’s and for its top quality drinks. Stop by after midnight and toast the night away. Thames 878, Villa Crespo


After party:

If on the 25th of December you’re still feeling like wine and bubbly then stop by the Gran Danzon’s after Christmas party that kicks off at 8 with a DJ, live music, great food  and a fabulous selection of wines and other drinks. Libertad 1161, downtown. 

Christmas Eve Parties in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, the real Christmas Eve celebrations begin once midnight has passed after eating, toasting, lighting fireworks and opening presents. That’s when the city comes alive with Porteño style late night partying until the break of dawn.  So where to go to join the fun? Read on-

Niceto Club: Offering live music and cutting edge theme based parties this is definitely a Buenos Aires funhouse. For Christmas this year they will be hosting two parties; the Magic Christmas Party, featuring trance music by DJ Javier Brussola, and the Januca party celebrating the Jewish “party of lights.” Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo. 4779 9396 /

Clubland at Pacha: One of the biggest clubs in town, Pacha is famous for its Saturday night house and techno dance floor which hosts international and local DJs. This weekend will be no exception as the city’s most fervent partiers gather to celebrate Christmas. Av. Rafael Obligado 6151, Costanera. 4788-4280.

 Crobar: This popular club in Palermo offers two dance floors, a VIP lounge and some great house and electronic music. This year they will be pumping up Christmas with DJs Aldo Haydar and Facundo Lacogneta. Marcelo Freire and Paseo de la Infanta, Palermo. 4788-1500.

Club Araoz: This Palermo centered club will be playing dance, hip-hop, regeton, rock and pop tunes to celebrate Christmas with its happy clubbers. Araoz 2424, Palermo. 4832-9751.

Rumi: Rumi is a Belgrano centered nightclub with a great atmosphere and a glitzy crowd.  This Saturday they will host their annual Christmas bash where dance music will be the star. Figueroa Alcorta 6442, Belgrano. 4782-1398.

Boris Club de Jazz: Lovers of live music should definitely head to Boris to celebrate Christmas with 0km who will be playing funk, rock, pop and soul covers. Gorriti 5568, Palermo. 4777-0012.

Maluco Beleza: No one knows how to party better than Brazilians, and at Maluco Beleza that’s the way to party. If samba gets your feet going then this is where you will want to tap your toes this Christmas.  Sarmiento 1728, Downtown. 4732-1737.

La Viruta Tango: Dancing kicks off from 12.30pm onwards at this tango hotspot where previous dinner with reservation will also be served for the occasion.  Armenia 1366, Palermo. 4779-0030.

Bars will also be open from 1am onwards (approximately).

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Bar-Pub-Electro Club

(Photo by brokekid)

One of our favorite nightspots in the city, The Shamrock or Basement Club, in the heart of Recoleta, might appear to be the perfect place for a pint at first glance. However, and although ‘pinting’ is most definitely allowed, this is no ordinary pub as down the stairs, in the, you guessed it, basement, is a perfect sized electro club where some of the city’s best DJs make sure everyone dances to the break of dawn.  The early opening hours, the great crowd of locals and tourists alike, the Thursday happy hour, and the blasting beats make The Shamrock one of our top picks for great party nights!


The Shamrock

Rodriguez Peña 1220, Recoleta


Open from 6pm on weekdays and 8 pm Saturdays. Closed Sundays.

Buenos Aires Nightlife #2


Getting ready for some weekend fun? The following nightclubs will keep you moving until dawn!

Pacha- One of the biggest clubs in town, Pacha is famous for its Saturday night house and techno dance floor which hosts international and local DJs. The large terrace overlooking the river can be a welcome place for a breath of fresh air after some up beat dancing with the rest of the fashionable and dedicated clubbers. Fridays open at 12, Saturdays from 2AM onwards.

Av. Rafael Obligado 6151, Costanera.

Kika- Recently opened, this trendy club in the heart of Palermo plays a variety of music depending on the night. Wednesdays are dedicated to house and electronic music, Thursdays offer live rock bands, and Fridays and Saturdays mix cachengue and latin beats for a lively night out.  The trendy Kika crowd is over 21.

Kika Club
Honduras 5339, Palermo Soho

Bahrein- Once a bank, this multi-room nightclub in microcentro offers two dance floors; the funky room, which plays more commercial popular music and xss which plays electronic music. Additionally,  The Yellow Bar is also available for dinner and drinks.

Lavalle 345, Microcentro.
Entry age over 18