Buenos Aires Agenda: May/Mayo 2016




(Photo by Joshua Rappeneker)

The annual Book Fair is still taking place until May 9th in Palermo with a broad range of activities and events related to literature and books. More information here.

La Feria del Libro en Palermo continúa su oferta de actividades y eventos relacionados con la literatura y los libros hasta el 9 de mayo. Más información aquí.

The annual MASTICAR food fair will take place from the 5th to the 8th of May, offering a four day sample of the best of the local gastronomic scene. Conde and Concepción de Arenal, Colegiales.

La feria gastronómica MASTICAR se lleva a cabo del 5 al 8 de mayo para degustar en cuatro días lo mejor de la gastronomía local. Conde y Concepción Arenal, Colegiales

The Buenos Aires Tango Championship will be carried out from the 4th to the 15th of May with the grand finale taking place at the Usina del Arte. More information will be available here closer to date.

El Campeonato de Tango de Buenos Aires se llevará a cabo del 4 al 15 de mayo, y la gran final se llevará a cabo el domingo 15 en la Usina del Arte en La Boca. La información se irá actualizando aquí a medida que avance el evento. 

Those interested in design can stop by Feria Puro Diseño that will take place from the 24th to the 29th of May in Palermo. More information here.

Para los interesados en la escena de diseño local, La Feria Puro Diseño se lleva a cabo del 24 al 29 de mayo en Palermo. Más información aquí. 

Argentina celebrates one of its historical national holidays on the 25th of May which commemorates a key date in the process of independence and conformation of Argentine historical identity.

El 25 de Mayo se festeja en Argentina una de sus fechas patrias en las que se conmemora un momento clave en el proceso de independencia y en la conformación de la identidad nacional.


siqueiros nuestra imagen actual

Siqueiros- Nuestra imagen actual

A Gallery Day event will be taking place on the 7th of May in the Palermo/Villa Crespo circuit. Find more information here.

El 7 de mayo se lleva a cabo el evento artístico Gallery Days en el circuito de Palermo/Villa Crespo. Más información aquí.

From the 19th to the 22nd of May, the ArteBA fair, one of the biggest art fairs in Latin America, will take place at La Rural in Palermo. More information here.

Del 19 al 22 de mayo, en La Rural en Palermo, se lleva a cabo ArteBA, una de las ferias de arte más importantes de Latinoamérica. Más información aquí.

The MNBA in Recoleta is showcasing a site specific work by renowned Argentine contemporary artist Jorge Macchi that complements the artist’s exhibits at the MALBA and Di Tella institute. On the 3rd of May, the museum is also inaugurating a new exhibit of Mexican muralists Siqueiros, Rivera, and Orozco’s works.

El MNBA en Recoleta tiene en exposición una instalación de Jorge Macchi que complementa las muestras del mismo artista en el MALBA y en el Instituto Di Tella. El 3 de mayo, el museo también inaugura una muestra de la obra de los muralistas mejicanos Siqueiros, Rivera y Orozco.

The MALBA in Palermo is showcasing a collection of Jorge Macchi’s work until the end of May, alongside a photography exhibit of Claudia Andujar’s work, and a temporary showcase of Juan Tessi’s paintings.

El MALBA en Palermo tiene en exposición una muestra de Jorge Macchi hasta finales de mayo. También presenta una muestra de fotografía de Claudia Andujar, y una muestra de pinturas de Juan Tessi.

The MAMBA in San Telmo is featuring Marta Minujin’s famous La Menesunda until the 22nd of May.

El MAMBA  en San Telmo exhibe la famosa instalación La Menesunda de Marta Minujín hasta el 22 de Mayo.

Fundación PROA in La Boca, in collaboration with the National Museum of 21st Century Arts (MAXII) is displaying Arte en Escena, an exhibit that explores connections between art and theatre in terms of the spatial aspects of staging.

La Fundación PROA en La Boca, con la colaboración del Museo Nacional del Arte del Siglo XXI (MAXII) presenta una muestra llamada Arte en Escena que explora la relación del arte con el espacio escénico. 

Once With Me- A cross disciplinary contemporary dance performance choreographed by Pam Tanowitz will take place at the Faena Arts Center in Puerto Madero on the 17th, 18th, 19th of May.

Once with me es una puesta de danza contemporánea interdisciplinaria cuya coreografía fue diseñada por Pam Tanowitz y se lleva a cabo en el Faena Arts Center en Puerto Madero del 17 al 19 de mayo.

Music/ Música

Marky Ramone- 13 & 14- Teatro Vorterix. Tickets here/entradas aquí. 

Paul McCartney- 17 & 19- Estadio Único de La Plata. Tickets here/entradas aquí. 

Limp Bizkit- 23- Luna Park. Tickets here/entradas aquí. 

The Colón Theatre will be in full swing during May and will stage two operas: Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio, and, an experimental staging of Argentine composer Gandini’s operas at the direction of Michal Znaniecki. The theatre will also be holding various concerts. The full May program is available here.

El Teatro Colón presenta una programa extenso para mayo que incluye dos óperas: Fidelio, la única ópera que compuso Beethoven, y, una opera experimental del compositor argentino Gandini, dirigida por Michal Znaniecki. El teatro también presenta varios conciertos, detallados en el programa de mayo que se puede encontrar aquí.

Buenos Aires Agenda- April/Abril 2016



(Thomas Hawk)

From the 4th to the 10th of April, Malbec Week will be celebrated around the city with wine tasting events, and more. Find the full program here.

Del 4 al 10 de abril se celebra la Semana del Malbec en toda la ciudad con degustaciones, charlas y más. El programa completo se pude encontrar aquí.

From the 9th to the 17th of April, the Ciudad Cultural Konex celebrates Mozart in the second edition of their Classical Music Festival. Tickets here.

Del 9 al 14 de Abril se festeja el nacimiento de Mozart en la segunda edición del Festival de Música Clásica. Entradas aquí.

The BAFICI film festival kicks off on the 13th and will feature a great selection of international independent films until the 24th. Buy your tickets in advance from the 4th of April onwards, and find the full program here.

El festival de cine BAFICI arranca el 13 de abril con una programación amplia de películas independientes que se proyectarán hasta el 24 del mismo mes. Las entradas se venden por anticipado a partir del 4 de abril, y el programa se encuentra disponible aquí

From April 21st to May 9th the annual Book Fair will be taking place in Palermo with a broad range of activities and events related to literature and books. More information here.

Del 21 de abril al 9 de mayo se lleva a cabo la Feria del Libro en Palermo que ofrece una variedad de actividades y eventos relacionados con la literatura y los libros. Más información aquí.

The Colón Theatre will be featuring two operas in April, the opera Don Giovanni from the 5th to the 12th of April; and an experimental opera based on a text by Albert Camus called Le Malentendu from the 7th to the 12th. The program for the month also includes two concerts by Joyce Didonato on the 18th and 19th, and a staging of the Don Quixote Ballet from the 26th to the 30th.  More information here.

El Teatro Colón presenta dos óperas en abril: del 5 al 12, una producción de Don Giovanni, y del 7 al 12 una ópera experimental basada en Le Malentendu, un texto de Albert Camus. También se llevarán a cabo dos conciertos de Joyce Didonato el 18 y el 19 de abril, y una producción de ballet de Don Quijote del 26 al 30. Más información aquí.

Art Exhibits/ Muestras de arte

jorge macchi

(Jorge Macchi by Lux & Jourik)

On Thursday 7th, the first Gallery Night of the year will take place from 7 to 10 pm in the Retiro, Barrio Norte and Recoleta neighborhoods. More information here.

El Jueves 7 se llevará a cabo el primer Gallery Night del año en Retiro, Barrio Norte y Recoleta. Más información aquí.

The MALBA museum in Palermo is showcasing the works of Jorge Macchi, Claudia Andujar and Juan Tessi Cameo. More information here.

El Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (MALBA) tiene en exhibición las obras de Jorge Macchi, Claudia Andujar y Juan Tessi Cameo. Más información aquí.

The MAMBA museum in San Telmo is featuring La Menesunda by Marta Minujín and a recommended exhibit of Argentine artist Ana Gallardo’s work.

En el Museo de Arte Moderno (MAMBA) en San Telmo se exhiben La Menesunda de Marta Minujín y una recomendada muestra de la artista argentina Ana Gallardo.

Fundación PROA in La Boca, in collaboration with the National Museum of 21st Century Arts (MAXII) is displaying Arte en Escena, an exhibit that explores connections between art and theatre in terms of the spatial aspects of staging.

La Fundación PROA en La Boca, con la colaboración del Museo Nacional del Arte del Siglo XXI (MAXII) presenta una muestra llamada Arte en Escena que explora la relación del arte con el espacio escénico. 


07/04- Meshell Ndegeocello. Teatro Coliseo. Tickets here/Entradas aquí.

16/04- Mark Anthony. Tecnópolis. Tickets here/ Entradas aquí.

27/04- The Count Bassie Orchestra. Tickets here/ Entradas aquí.

This Week: 28 Apr-4 May

There’s plenty going on for culture vultures over the next seven days: highlights include the annual Book Fair and a photography exhibition by legendary rock ‘n roll snapper Bob Gruen at a hip restaurant.


Via Miami University

Via Miami University

It’s already in full swing but be sure to get down to the Fería del Libro for the largest book fair in the whole of Latin America. Celebrating its big 4-0 anniversary this year, From talks to presentations and book signings, one of today’s highlights is Un viaje por el Martín Fierro: “Martín Fierro interactivo that will cover everything you ever wanted to know about poet José Hernández and his gaucho hero, as organised by the National Library. 2pm-10pm, until May 12, La Rural, Plaza Italia. Entry $25, $40 at the weekend.

And of course, those in need of a fabulous feed should book at One Table – five course, five wine pairings, one chef – our very own Hernán Gipponi. Tel: 3220-6820. Reservation only.


Via Hype

Via Hype

There’s an all-star international cast of DJs at Hype at Kika tonight with a strong contingent from neighbouring Brazil. Wrong Bazz joins Hype regulars Matt Ashley and Fabricio Ruiz for a full-on night of electro, dubstep, hip hop, trap. moombahton, drum&bass and house. From midnight, Honduras 5539, Palermo Soho.


Via Rey de Copas

Via Rey de Copas

One Soho bar worth checking out for a Humpday cocktail is Rey de Copas. They just launched their winter drinks list *yesterday* so get down to this hot spot, filled with trombones and Moroccan-style cushioned booths and low tables for something refreshing. Gorriti 5156, Palermo Soho. Tel: 2068-5220.


Via Taringa

Via Taringa

Turned on by cute cupolas and fancy façades? Make a beeline for the Balvanera neighbourhood, which is home to two stunning buildings both designed by Eduardo Rodriguez Ortega. La Casa de los Lirios is a residential building with a façade reminiscent of Gaudí, while the other has a stunning cupola with an insignia in Catalan that says no hi ha somnis imposibles (“there are no impossible dreams”). Don’t miss the chance to stop and admire these two examples of gorgeous local architecture. La Casa de los Lirios, Av. Rivadavia 2027 and the cupola, Av. Rivadavia 2009.


Via Gargola

Via Gargola

There’s a very cool and temporary exhibition at Gargola Salón Privado, which is hosting photographs by legendary rock ‘n roll snapper Bob Gruen, best known for his images of The Beatles as well as John and Yoko. Access is via a dinner reservation  – the menu changes regularly – but this is a rare artistic treat in Buenos Aires. Tel: 4972-1161, Colegiales.


Via Pick Up The Fork

Via Pick Up The Fork

Busy day busting up your credit card in Palermo? Make a well-deserved pitstop at Pehache’s café. This concept store stocks gorgeous home wares and textiles – avert your eyes and power through to the back where the cake and the coffee awaits on the gorgeous patio. Gurruchaga 1418, Palermo Soho.


Via arteBA Fundación

Via arteBA Fundación

Coming up at the end of May is arteBA, a veritable artistic extravaganza that makes it the biggest contemporary art fair in Latin America. May 23-26, La Rural.



2012 International Book Fair

The 2012 Feria Internacional del Libro (international book fair) kicks of this Thursday topping off April’s full cultural agenda.  The annual fair is the world’s largest Spanish speaking book fair and displays over 1,500 exhibitors from around the globe.

Each year the event has a different theme, this year it is “A Future with Books”.  This idea will be explored through a digital space where visitors will be able to sample and purchase e-books, also through a series of conferences that will put into question some of the issues that arise with technology in relation to publishing and copyright, amongst others.  To support the theme there will also be a map of the most important literary events in the city, video-poetry and audio-books from Mexico, Spain and Belgium, artistic performances that will interpret short stories by Argentine authors, and an installation that will invite the public to participate in the creation of their own stories.

Internationally renown authors including Mu-San Baek (South Korea), Mateo Belli (Italy), Viola di Grado (Italy), Lita Donoso (Chile), Carlos Fuentes (México), Eduardo Galeano (Uruguay), Néstor García Canclini (Argentina/México), David Grossman (Israel), Stephen Holmes (U.S.A), Sandra Cisneros (U.S.A), and Norman Manea (Rumania/U.S.A) amongst others, will also be attending the fair to sign books and discuss different aspects of writing and publishing with the public. Debates and conferences will also be taking place throughout the duration of the fair. The full program is available here.

Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires

La Rural: Santa Fe 4201, Palermo

Opening hours:

April 16th– Inauguration- 6pm-10pm

Sun-Thus- 2pm-10pm- Tickets: 20 pesos

Fri-Sat and National holidays- 2pm-11pm- Tickets: 26 pesos.