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Argentine Wine at Vinos y Bodegas 2012

(Photo by longhorndave)

The Vinos y Bodegas 2012 expo kicks off today at La Rural and promises a full four days of top Argentine wines. The event, which will take place from 6pm-10pm until the 15th of September, is one of the biggest wine fairs in Latin America.

Some of the highlights this year include a new sector that specializes in limited edition and sparkling wines,  a wine bar, wine tasting events, olive oil tastings, a cooking show and different thematic wine tours including a Malbec, Torrontes, Syrah, Crianza, Non traditional varietals, Sweet and Sparking wines, and white and rosé. Additionally there will be contests, live art and more surprises!

Tickets to the expo cost 120pesos and  include a complimentary glass of wine. They can either be purchased at La Rural box office or online here. Av. Santa Fe 4201, Palermo.

Our Dining Picks: Unik

(Photo by Pablo Monteagudo)

This newcomer to the Palermo scene offers a combination of top quality gourmet dining and modern design.  Created by French-Argentine architect Marcelo Joulia, the restaurant prioritizes quality over all things.

The kitchen is in charge of Frank Hara, one of Francis Malmanns disciples, and is backed by chef Mauro Colagreco, the first Argentine to have received a Michelin star. By using fresh produce acquired from sustainable agriculturers and one of a kind cooking techniques a supreme dining experience is ensured.

The food however, is not the only carefully cared for aspect in Unik; the design also stands out with its  stunning marble bar and original designer furniture by the likes of Charles Eames and Arne Jacobsen.


Soler 5231, Palermo



Lunch- Tue-Sat 12.30-3pm

Dinner: Mon-Sat 8.30pm-12pm

Our 7 Links

(Los Siete by Eduardo Amorim)

We recently got nominated by Jeff from Lengthy Travel Blog (which has some excellent tips for travelers) to participate in the 7 Links projects. The project which is being organized by Tripbase consists in linking 7 of your  own posts which meet previously specified criteria and then nominating other bloggers to do the same so that an exchange and circulation of information takes place.  We though it was a fun idea and also a great way to revisit some of the tips we have posted in the past.


Our 7 links are:


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6-Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved:  Lunfardo: A Slang from the Prisons and Tango

7-Proud of: 5 Best Hotels for Food and Drink


And our nominees are:

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Wine Tastings at Fierro Hotel


Would you like to know more about Argentine Wines?  Then you shouldn’t miss our weekly wine tastings where Certified Sommelier Martin Bruno will take you on a journey through Argentina’s wine producing regions: Salta, San Juan, Mendoza, Rio Negro and Neuquen.

Designed by Bruno and Andres Rosberg, President of the Argentina Sommelier Association, six wines will be showcased with selections changing weekly. Light snacks and hors d’oeuvres from Hernán Gipponi will also be included.

Tastings are held in our cellar every Thursday at 7PM for the price of USD25 Per Person and are limited to 7 people. Book your place, both guests and non-guests are welcome!


Fierro Hotel Boutique

Soler 5862, Palermo

3220 6800

Facebook page

Hernan Gipponi’s White Salmon with Sautéed Squid and Vegetables

Via Restó, the Clarin newspapers restaurant guide, recently posted this video of Hernan Gipponi where he shows us how to make his amazing white salmon with sautéed squid and vegetables. Since the video is in Spanish we´ve translated it for you so that you don´t miss out on this flavourfull dish! (You might also want to check out Hernan´s famous rabbit empanadas recipe which which our blogger guest eat like a girl managed to get her hands on!)



White Salmon with Sautéed Squid and Vegetables




Sun dried tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes

Small aubergines

Almonds, peeled and toasted

Fresh Basil

Basil sprouts



Olive Oil

1 Start by cleaning the fish and cut a fillet of approximately 200 grams. Set aside. Next clean the squid, keeping the tentacles.

2- To prepare the aubergines, slice them in half and make small incisions in its flesh. This way it will absorb more heat and cook faster.

3- Since the salmon will take the longest to cook it will be the first to go on the pan. Drizzle some olive oil and salt on it and place it skin down for two to three minutes, then turn it onto its flesh for another 2- 3 minutes.

4- Meanwhile start making the aubergines. Pour some olive oil onto a pan and place the aubergines flesh down. Turn when golden.

5- Once the aubergines have softened mix in the sundried tomatoes, and finally the fresh tomatoes.

6- Take the salmon and finish cooking it in the oven.

7- Whilst the salmon is in the oven, sauté the squid in some olive oil and salt, then add the vegetables. Add the fresh basil, the almonds, the chives and some grated lime rind.

8- Finally serve the vegetables and squid with the salmon and garnish with basil sprouts and olive oil.


To complement this dish, our sommelier Martin recommends a Semillon 2010 by Ricardo Santos, a light fresh white wine that pairs well with the fish and vegetables.


Whats up with Fernet?

(Vintage Fernet Branca add. Photo by stolen w-heels)

Those of you who have already gotten a taste of the local nightlife may have noticed the popularity of “Fernet con Coca”, a strange alcoholic beverage made up of, you guessed it, Fernet and Coke.  If there is a classic nightlife Argie drink, then this is definitely it.

The origins of Fernet are unclear. Some say it was originally concocted by a Swedish doctor as a medicine for cholera, others rumor it was invented by an apothecary who was looking for a cure for menstrual cramps,  and yet another theory (from an unreliable drunk source at a bar) states that it was prepared by an medicine woman in Sicily to expel demons from haunted widows. In any case, although the last theory sounds a bit dubious, we are almost certain Italian immigrants imported the beverage to Argentina.

Made of herbs and spices, there is a general consensus that the unique taste of Fernet is to be paired with Coke, and although many claim it to be an acquired taste, there are many more locals that love it. Our recommendation is to try it and see what its about.  After all, even if you don’t like it it’s still a great digestive, and anyway, clubbing doesn’t start until 2-3am so there’s plenty of time to drink up!