Buenos Aires Agenda May/Mayo

May Highlights/ Elegidos de mayo

biblioteca nacional de buenos aires

PH: Celeste RC

Annual International Book Fair- Buenos Aires is a literary city and its international book fair is a great opportunity to find books, readers and writers all in one place. This year it will take place from the 27th of April to the 15th of May at La Rural in Palermo.

Feria del Libro- Buenos Aires es una ciudad literaria y la Feria Internacional del Libro es el lugar ideal para encontrar libros, lectores y escritores, todos en un mismo espacio. Este año se lleva a cabo del 27 al 15 de mayo en La Rural en Palermo.

City Tango Dance Championship- from the 10th to the 21st of May some of the best tango dancers shine their shoes and show what they know at the Tango Dance Championship. Find the full program here.

TangoBA- Del 10 al 21 de mayo se lleva a cabo el campeonato de tango de la ciudad en el que se presentan los mejores bailarines del género para mostrar su habilidad. El programa completo se encuentra disponible aquí

Feria Masticar-Foodies will love this gourmet food fair that will take place from the 11th-14th of May where the best of the Argentine cuisine scene will come together for a four day banquet with talks and related activities. Zapiola and Matienzo, Palermo.

Feria Masticar- Quienes gusten de la buena cocina tendrán la oportunidad de acercarse del 11 al 14 de mayo a este banquete de cuatro días en el que los protagonistas de la escena gourmet local estarán presentes para ofrecer sus platos, brindar charlas y realizar otras actividades relacionadas .  Zapiola y Matienzo, Palermo.

ArteBA– The annual Buenos Aires Art Fair will take place from the 24th to the  27th of May and is a great opportunity to get to know what’s going on in the local scene, and to purchase art.  La Rural, Palermo.

ArteBA- La feria anual de arte de Buenos Aires se lleva a cabo del 24 al 27 de mayo y es una excelente oportunidad para conocer la escena de arte local actual y también para adquirir piezas. La Rural, Palermo. 

25 de Mayo celebrations- Every 25th of May, the Argentine people celebrate the May revolution which marked a turning point in the country’s independence process. Stop by Feria de Mataderos to see some typical dances and try the locro and pastelitos.

Festejos del 25 de mayo- El 25 de mayo se festeja la revolución de mayo, que fue uno de los pasos hacia la independencia nacional. En Feria de Mataderos se festeja con danzas típicas, locro y pastelitos.


xul solar panjuego

Xul Solar- Panjuego PH:Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina

MALBA: The MALBA is showcasing two exhibits this month, one of the art collective General Idea, and the other of Argentine artist Gastón Pérsico’s work . Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

MALBA: Este mes, el MALBA presenta dos muestras, una del colectivo artístico General Idea, y el otro de la obra del artista argentino Gastón Persico. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

MAMBA: Tomás Sarraceno’s amazing spider web art, Diego Bianchi’s “intertextual” pieces, Antonio Berni’s drawings, an abstract art display from the Pirovano collection and Gabriel Chaile’s “Patricia” are all being showcased at this beautiful San Telmo centered museum. Av. San Juan 350, San Telmo

MAMBA: La telaraña transformada de Tomás Saracceno, las obras “intertextuales” de Diego Bianchi, los dibujos de Antonio Berni, una puesta de arte abstracto de la colección Pirovano, y “Patricia” de Gabriel Chaile se encuentran actualmente en exhibición en este hermoso museo de San Telmo. Av. San Juan 350, San Telmo

Fundación PROA: Fundación PROA is still showcasing an Yves Klein exhibit that is not to be missed. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca.

Fundación PROA: La fundación tiene en exhibición una muestra imperdible de la obra de Yves Klein. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca.

MNBA: The Buenos Aires fine arts museum is showcasing an exhibition of Xul Solar’s work .  Av. Libertador 1473, Palermo.

MNBA: En el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, una retrospectiva de la obra de Xul Solar.  Av. Libertador 1473, Palermo.


This Week: 13-19th April 2015



Check out the new MALBA exhibits featuring photographs by Annemarie Heinrich, and installations, choreographies and more under the name “Infinite Experience”. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

In the afternoon, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm you can stop by the Fierro Hotel garden and grab a couple of cocktails at the new UCO after office event! 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

You can also stop by Centro Cultural Konex where famous percussion group, La Bomba del Tiempo, will be carrying out their Monday show starting at 7pm. Sarmiento 3151, Almagro.



(Photo by Juan Pablo Olmo)

Huellas de lo real (Imprints of Reality), is the new photography exhibit taking place at Parque de la Memoria, featuring the works of Juan Travnik and Jonathan Molner. Rafael Obligado 6745, Costanera.

Try some mate, practice some Spanish and meet new people at the Tuesday Mate Conversation Club that starts at 6.30pm. Sign up at mateclubdeconversacion@gmail.com . Uruguay 862, downtown.

The Colón Theatre inaugurates their production of Werther with functions until the 21st of April. Tickets here.



(From Blue Velvet by David Lynch)

The Buenos Aires international independent film festival (BAFICI) kicks off with a fantastic program of local, foreign, old and new films to discover! Find the full program here, and make sure to get tickets in advance!

Later on, the Stuttgart Bach Akademie’s Chorus and Orchestra will be presenting a concert at the Colón Theatre, starting at 8pm. Tickets here.



Get ready for a mouth watering weekend as the city’s top chefs cook up a storm at the MASTICAR food fair taking place from the 16th to the 19th of April just a few blocks away from Fierro. Mmm… Zapiola 50, Colegiales.

In the evening, the monthly Gallery nights will be taking place in the downtown circuit until 10pm. Find a map here.

Kiss will also be staging a live show at the Velez Stadium at 9pm. Tickets here.



(Photo by Mike)

If you came to Buenos Aires and you’re not vegetarian, chances are you want some of that famous Argentine beef! Book your place for the full parrilla experience with Parrilla Tour. These filling excursions, which take place in San Telmo on Fridays, will surely satisfy your meat cravings!

Later on, starting at 10 pm the Time Warp electronic festival will be taking place at Costa Salguero. Tickets here.

Saturday and Sunday

la olla

(Photo by Simone Bosotti)

Book your place at UCO´s unique weekend brunch, now revamped with an Irish version as well! 3220-6800Soler 5862, Palermo.

Catch a film at the BAFICI independent film festival taking place until the 25th of April. More information here.

Don’t miss the MASTICAR gourmet food fair this weekend at El Dorrego. Zapiola 50, Colegiales.

On Saturday, starting at 10 pm the last day of the Time Warp electronic festival will be taking place at Costa Salguero. Tickets here.

Also on Saturday, Vernon Reid from Living Color will be staging a live show at the ND Teatro. Tickets here.

The Sivory Museum, next to the Palermo Rosedal offers free tours in English and German on Saturdays at 3pm and 5pm! Av. Infanta Isabel 555, Palermo.

Feria Masticar 2013

(Photo by Bill Selak)

Masticar means to chew in Spanish and that is exactly what is the MASTICAR fair is all about, chewing on the best local produce and the most delicious food. The annual gourmet food fair, which kicked off very successfully last year, is organized by a young group of celebrity chefs and entrepreneurs who have grouped themselves under the name of A.C.E.L.G.A, which means chard but also stands for the Asociacion de Cocineros y Empresarios Ligados a la Gastronomía.

The fair, which takes place from the 3rd to the 6th of October from 2pm to 11pm on Thursday and from midday to 11pm the rest of the days, features food stands, local products from different regions around the country, cooking classes and lectures. This year there will also be wine and beer tasting and a wine bar, so stopping by is a must, if not to taste some of the delectable cuisine and check out colorful varieties fruits and vegetables, at the very least to sample some of the country’s great wines.

The event will take place at El Dorrego- Distrito Audiovisual in Colegiales, which neighbors with Palermo. Tickets to the fair cost 40 pesos and include free access to cooking classes and lectures (subject to availability). More information here. Zapiola 50, between Dorrego and Concepción de Arenal.