French-Argentine Culinary Workshop in Buenos Aires

(Photo by ReneS)

Throughout May, the “La Cuisine des Chefs, Atelier de cocina” culinary workshops will explore Autumnal flavors at different city hotspots.  The event, which seeks to explore French-Argentine cuisine, will feature eight different workshops by renowned chefs. Each will deal with a different theme ranging from patisserie, to spices to mushrooms.

 The workshops cost 190 pesos each, and places must be reserved in advance at Lucullus 4703-3177. Below are the Atelier schedules:

-Sunday 13th of May at 10am: Bruno Gillot & Oliver Hanocq from L’Epi Boulangerie: “Croissant and Viennoiserie.”

-Monday 14th of May at 8pm: Toufic Reda and Emiliano Di Nisi from TO Buenos Aires: “Champiñones en la cocina Frapanese” (Button mushrooms in Frapanese cuisine).

-Tuesday 15th of May at 7pm: Sebastien Fouillade from Brasserie Petanque: “Otoño en el Sud Oeste de Francia” (Autumn in the South West of France).

-Wednesday the 16th of May at 7.30pm: Wine tasting at La Cave a Vin in Unik.

-Thursday the 17th of May at 8pm: Elsa Manelphe from La Cuisine Secrete: “Especias de otoño, currys y sopas exóticas” (Autumn spices, curries and exotic soups).

-Friday the 18th of May at 8.30pm: Jean-Paul Bondoux from La Bourgogne and Jerome Mathe from Cafe des Arts: “La cocina de caza” (The hunter’s kitchen).

-Saturday the 19th of May at midday: Fernando Hara from Unik: “Ultimo tango en Paris” (Last Tango in Paris).

-Monday 21st of May at 8pm: Antontio Soriano from Chez Nous at Algodon Mansion: “La cocina del té” (Tea time cuisine).

Top 5 Closed-Door Restaurants in Buenos Aires

(Photo by christopherhannah)

Closed-door restaurants have a special appeal to them. The ever-changing menus, the social experience of dining with strangers of different cultures, the individual touch that each chef brings to the table with them makes the closed-door experience unforgettable.


Casa Mun

The goal of Chef Mun in this intimate closed-door restaurant is to create a sense of community amongst the food lovers sitting at his grand table. His own passion for cuisine began at a young age and was inherited from his mother and later developed into a full time activity after studying under the likes of celebrity Chef Makota Okuwa amongst others. The dining experience he shares with his visitors include Japanese, Korean, Chinese and California cuisines and prove to be not good for both the palate and the spirit.



Casa Salt Shaker

The informality of Casa Salt Shaker makes for the lively ambiance and a fun evening under the influence of what they define as homemade cooking with a twist. Their five course tasting menu is continuously changing so that every dinner is a one of a kind experience.


Cocina Sunae

Christina Sunae opens her house to guests (with prior reservation) every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with the aim of sharing her knowledge of Asian Cuisine.  Her fours step tasting menu is ever changing and is a culinary expression of her cultural background and of the knowledge she acquired whilst working in New York restaurants.

cel. 15.4870.5506


Corrine et Paul

This closed door restaurant is run by a couple who lived over ten years in France having worked in top notch places such as L’Auberge de I’lll (3 Michelin stars) and having run their own gourmet rotisserie in Alsace. Their tasting menus offer, as is to be expected, the best of French cuisine for a reduced group of happy customers.


Casa Felix

Casa Felix is a private restaurant part of Colectivo Felix, an interesting eco-gastronomic project that aims to promote local cultures and support small scale and eco-food producers through their cooking tours, research and restaurant.  The restaurant, open a few months of the year, serves a five-course pescetarian meal (which you can request to be vegetarian or vegan) featuring original flavors and spices from their research on their travels across the country. Access to the restaurant is through reservation only.