Viví Francia: A Week of French Culture in BA

(Photo by “André M.”)

Throughout the week the city will be filled with activities relating to French Culture including cuisine, arquitecture, fashion, music, film, and more. The event will take place from the 16th to the 23rd of September at different venues around the city.

The agenda includes tours to the French Embassy, an urban design tour of Palermo, a Santa Fe avenue tour, a visit to the Botanical gardens, tango influences in Recoleta, and a French hotspot tour in Retiro and Recoleta. (Find the tour schedules here).

There will also be live music events, theatre and film screenings (find schedule here), French lessons at the Alianza Francesa (here), conferences about Parisian fashion (here), and an interesting gourmet option including a French wine tasting at Grand Cru, a tea tasting event at Chez Pauline and a conference about French cuisine (more information here).