Leather Goods in Argentina

(Photo by Eduardo Amorim)

In the country of asados it is only natural that there be a booming leather industry too.  We always get asked by visitors where the best places to buy are, so here is an overview!

Clothes and Shoes

There are many stores that specialize in leather jackets, belts, purses, shoes and more. The best known are Casa Lopez, that offers top-quality goods with tasteful classic designs, Lopez Taibo that specializes in shoes, Silvia Eisele for custom made leather designs, and Murillo 666 for leather jackets. Prune is also popular amongst women and offers a variety of clothing items, shoes, and bags.  Find some more suggestions here.

Equestrian Accessories

Argentina is also renowned for its equestrian sports, especially polo, and is one of the world’s most important producers of leather accessories for riding such as stirrups, riding mounts, boots and more. The place to go for these items are “talabarterias”, where some also sell other leather items including clothing, wallets and more with a more local Pampas style design. Some of the best known are La Martina, Arandu and Jorge Canaves who specializes in saddles.

Rugs and Accessories for the Home

Another area in which leather and cowhides are very popular is in interior design. Lifestyle by Cara offers all kinds of leather designs for the home and, has an online store that ships everywhere.  Cowhide Argentina also ships abroad and as the name implies specializes in cowhides and leather patchwork rugs. Eugenio Aguirre offers gorgeous designer furniture in which he mixes leather with wood.

The Feria de Mataderos and San Antonio de Areco are also great places to get typical leather goods.

Our Dining Picks: Unik

(Photo by Pablo Monteagudo)

This newcomer to the Palermo scene offers a combination of top quality gourmet dining and modern design.  Created by French-Argentine architect Marcelo Joulia, the restaurant prioritizes quality over all things.

The kitchen is in charge of Frank Hara, one of Francis Malmanns disciples, and is backed by chef Mauro Colagreco, the first Argentine to have received a Michelin star. By using fresh produce acquired from sustainable agriculturers and one of a kind cooking techniques a supreme dining experience is ensured.

The food however, is not the only carefully cared for aspect in Unik; the design also stands out with its  stunning marble bar and original designer furniture by the likes of Charles Eames and Arne Jacobsen.


Soler 5231, Palermo




Lunch- Tue-Sat 12.30-3pm

Dinner: Mon-Sat 8.30pm-12pm