Spanish Cuisine and History at El Imparcial

(Photo by beedieu)

One of the great things about Buenos Aires is the many culinary influences from around Europe due to the city’s unique immigration patterns. Another great thing about the city is that it preserves many of the traditional spots to sample these, mostly Spanish and Italian (and delicious!), dishes.

El Imparcial is the perfect example. This Spanish downtown restaurant is actually considered by historians to be the first restaurant in the country and dates to 1860! Additionally, politicians such as president Arturo Illia and Alfonsin, renowned cultural figures such as Borges and other popular icons like Sandro have visited it.

Nowadays, the restaurant preserves its historic atmosphere and is also a great place to savor potato tortillas, paellas and typical stews (pucheros).


Hipolito Yrigoyen 1201, Downtown. 4383-2919.