Anthony McCall and Mischa Kuball at the Faena Arts Center

(Photo by 島人)

The Faena Arts Center in Puerto Madero is kicking off a new exhibit of British artist Anthony McCall and German artist Mischa Kuball this Spring.

The exhibition is centered on the Borges story, El Aleph and deals with issues of time, space and light.

McCall’s work combines film, sculpture and two dimensional drawings that are projected in a way that they become seemingly tangible forms in space. Kuball works directly with light,  playing with  its movements to create a unique effect.

The showcase will be open throughout Spring on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Monday’s from midday to 7pm. Tickets are 40 pesosAime Paine 1169, Puerto Madero.

Jorge Luis Borges

(Photo meetaires)

Jorge Luis Borges was one of Argentina’s most prolific authors. His writing is centered on themes such as time, infinity, mirrors, mythology, identity, the labyrinth and the city amongst others.

His bilingual background, the origins of his family and his time spent living in Europe and then returning to his native Buenos Aires reflect in his writing where there is a confluence of European influences and the native imagery and characters. This combination perfectly expresses the local social and cultural construct whilst his metaphysical influences draw you into a dreamlike abstract tour of the city he both knew and imagined.


For more on Borges you can visit the Centro Cultural Borges where a new permanent exhibit was inaugurated commemorating the 25th anniversary of his death. Included in the display are some of his drawings, his books and creative process, a map of the places in Buenos Aires which influenced him, photographs, and other elements of the Borgean imagery.

To get some of his books in English, head to the Kel bookstore in Recoleta.


Centro Cultural Borges

Viamonte 525, downtown

5555 5358



Marcelo T. de Alvear 1369


This Week in Buenos Aires


(El Estanciero, an Argentine version of Monopoly at the Museo de la Ciudad. Photo by i_gallagher)

Start the week off by visiting one of the few open museums on Monday, the Museo de la Ciudad (The City Museum). Current exhibitions include a display of the city’s doors, toys and musical instruments amongst others.

In the evening check out Opera Remix at the Maipo Theatre. This group of lyrical singers formed at the Colon Theatre present, as the name suggests, a remix of Opera, giving it a pop twist.  Tickets here.

Don’t miss out on some of the best pizza in town on the other side of Corrientes Avenue at Las Cuartetas.

Museo de la Ciudad 

Defensa 219 / 223, San Telmo


Open: Mon-Sun 11am-7pm

Maipo Theatre 

Esmeralda 449, Downtown


Las Cuartetas

Av. Corrientes 838, Downtown



(A 10 peso note from the Santa Fe Province in 1882. Photo by lu6fpj.)

For those of you interested in economics and Argentine economic history, head to the Museum of External Debt where you can find out more about the economic evolution of the country. Audio guides in English are offered.

Just a few blocks away from the museum is Av. Santa Fe which is great for shopping, and for an outstanding lunch, ten blocks away from the museum, is Spanish restaurant Oviedo.

In the evening head to chic downtown bar Le Bar for some great cocktails and live music.

Museum of External Debt

José E. Uriburu 781, 1st floor, Downtown.


Open: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm


Beruti 2602, Recoleta


Open: Mon-Sat 12-4pm and 8pm-closing.

Le Bar

Tucuman 422, Downtown


From 10pm onwards


(Little Red Riding Hood in Palermo. Photo by Oye Apitoño!)

Explore the city by setting out to find these three odd monuments: The football monument in Plaza de Mayo, a monument of Little Red Riding Hood in the Palermo 3 de Febrero parks and a small version of the Statue of Liberty at the Barrancas de Belgrano Parks (Sucre and Vertiz).

In the evening head to the Centro Cultural Konex in the Abasto area for their Wednesday La Garufa event where you can take a tango lesson at 8pm and witness/dance in a milonga at 11pm.

Centro Cultural Konex 

Sarmiento 3131, Abasto

4864 3200


(Warholized Borges by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino)

Walk the Corrientes Avenue and explore books stores, cross the 9 de Julio Avenue where the famous Obelisco is and then head to one of the Notable Bars/Cafes in the area. Because Buenos Aires is the 2011 book capital, these cafes and bars will have Borges books available for you to read whilst enjoying a cup of coffee with pastries.  In the Corrientes area you can try La Giralda (Av. Corrientes 1453), El Gato Negro  (Av. Corrientes 1669), and Mar Azul (Tucumán 1700).

In the evening head to the Boris Club de Jazz to check out Pablo Decal’s presentation of his new album at 10pm.

Boris Club de Jazz

Gorriti 5568, Palermo Hollywood



(Ponchos by Eduardo Amorim)

Check out some of the cultural expressions of the rest of the country by visiting the exhibit of La Pampa artists and artisans being held in the Casa de la Cultura.

In the evening Cesar Ilella and La Negra Charga bring music from the north of the country to the intimate stage of La Trastienda in San Telmo.

Casa de la Cultura del FNA

Rufino de Elizalde 2831, Downtown


La Trastienda

Balcarce 460, San Telmo

Saturday and Sunday

(Details from the pillars of the Casa Rosada)

Take advantage of the free weekend tours of the Casa Rosada (the government house).

Tours run from 10am-6pm.

On Saturday Dancing Mood is playing at Niceto Club, one of the city’s hottest nightspots.

Niceto Club

Niceto 5510, Palermo

4779 9396