Buenos Aires Agenda: September/Septiembre 2015



(Photo by Bernie Durfee)

The MALBA is still showcasing the Polesello exhibit, as well as Teresa Burga’s work, plus is now the controversial new home of the obelisk’s tip. Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

In the afternoon, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, you can stop by the Fierro Hotel garden and grab a couple of cocktails at the new UCO after office event! 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

You can also head to the Centro Cultural Konex where famous percussion group, La Bomba del Tiempo, will be carrying out their Monday show starting at 7pm. Sarmiento 3151, Almagro.

En el MALBA, continua la muestra de Polesello, asi como también la exhibición del trabajo de la artista Teresa Burga, además de ser la nueva y polémica sede de la punta del obelisco. Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo. 

A la tarde, desde las 17.30 hasta las 19.30hs., abre  el jardín de Fierro Hotel para ofrecer cocktails en el after-office de UCO restaurante. 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

También a la tarde, a partir de las 19hs., la ya famosa orquesta de percusión, La Bomba del Tiempo, va a estar presentándose, como todos los lunes, en el Centro Cultural Konex.Sarmiento 3151, Almagro.



(Photo by Davide Mancini)

The FIBA international theatre festival continues staging unique performances until the end of the week.

At 9pm, renowned jazz musician Al Jarreau will be staging a live show at the Teatro Gran Rivadavia. Tickets here.

El festival internacional de teatro FIBA continúa con su programación única hasta finalizar la semana.

A las 21hs., el reconocido músico de jazz, Al Jarreau, se presenta en el Teatro Gran Rivadavia. Entradas aquí.



(Photo by Davide Mancini)

Guided tours at 3pm of  Manzana de las Luces, an old Jesuit residence from the 1700’s in the San Telmo area are well worth the experience! Peru 272, San Cristobal.

In the evening, System of a Down and Deftones will be staging a live show at GEBA. Tickets here.

A las 15hs recomendamos sumarse a un recorrido de la Manzana de las Luces, una residencia jesuita en San Telmo del 1700. Perú 272, San Cristóbal.

A la noche, System of a Down y Deftones se presentan en GEBA. Entradas aquí


tap dance

(Photo by gyanlopez)

The stunning Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo in Recoleta is featuring a new exhibit of objects crafted in silver. The museum’s permanent collection is also well worth visiting, and their courtyard café- Croque Madame is the perfect spot for a pick-me-up coffee and a pastry.Av. Libertador 1902, Recoleta

Later on, head to Club Niceto where Giorgio Moroder will be getting the dance floor into motion. He will also be presenting himself at Niceto on Friday. Tickets here.

El Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo en Recoleta está exhibiendo una nueva colección de platería artesanal. También vale la pena visitar la colección permanente del museo y parar en Croque Madame, el café situado en el patio, un lugar perfecto para parar a la tarde a disfrutar de un café con alguna pastelería francesa. Av. Libertador 1902, Recoleta.

Por la noche en Club Niceto, Giorgio Moroder calienta la pista de baile a partir de las 21hs. También se presenta el viernes. Entradas aquí. 



(Photo by John Schneider)

Take a day trip to La Campiña, a 25 year old orange farm in the Buenos Aires town of San Pedro. Visits include a tour of the orange plantation, of a dovecot, of the jam making area, the storage room and restaurant. More information here.

In the evening, Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull will be staging a live show at Teatro Gran Rivadavia. Tickets here.

Recomendamos una excursión de día a La Campiña, una plantación de naranjos en San Pedro. La visita incluye un recorrido de la plantación, de un palomar, de la dulcería, el almacén y un restaurante. Más información aquí.

A la noche, el cantante y flautista de Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, se presenta en vivo en el Teatro Gran Rivadavia. Entradas aquí.

Saturday and Sunday /Sábado y Domingo

Book your place at UCO´s delicious weekend brunch, with a great Irish version as well! 3220-6800Soler 5862, Palermo.

On Saturday at 4pm, Slipknot will be rocking at GEBA. Tickets here.

Also on Saturday, at 9pm, Katy Perry will be staging a live show at the Palermo racetracks. Tickets here.

In the evening of both Saturday and Sunday, Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull will be staging a live show at Teatro Gran Rivadavia. Tickets here.

On Sunday, from 10.20 am onwards, Italian celebrations will be taking place at Av. de mayo and Bolívar.

Haga su reserva para degustar el delicioso brunch de UCO restaurante que  ofrece también una variante irlandesa. 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

El sábado a las 16hs. toca Slipknot en GEBA. Entradas aquí.

También el sábado, a las 20hs. va a estar Katy Perry en el Hipódromo de Palermo. Entradas aquí.

El sábado y domingo a la noche, el cantante y flautista de Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, se presenta en vivo en el Teatro Gran Rivadavia. Entradas aquí.

El domingo a partir de las 10.30 Buenos Aires celebra Italia en Av. de mayo y Bolívar.

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by capitu)

Indulge in decadent 5 O clock tea at Las Violetas in Almagro and then dance those cakes off at La Bomba del Tiempo, a percussion orchestra that has become one of the local absolute musts. Centro Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3131, Abasto, 4864-3200.


(Photo by Edgardo Schener)

In the spirit of Valentines Day why not get to know the city from a romantic viewpoint? Smile on Sea offers a special romantic sailing trips that depart from Puerto Madero, and Soul Trips offer a similar service in Tigre although on a motorboat with candlelight, drinks and snacks.

In the evening don’t miss out on the special Valentines Day tasting menu at Hernan Gipponi Restaurant. More information here. Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6820. info@hgrestaurant.com.ar.


(Photo by photoAtlas)

Take a Fileteado Porteño Tour and discover the typical style of painting associated with Buenos Aires. The tour starts at 1.30pm in the Abasto area and moves to San Telmo either by bikes or public transport. It includes a snack in San Telmo and gives you the chance to try out the technique yourself! More information here.

In the evening head to Italian trattoria Ill Ballo del Mattone for some pastas and jazz, swing and bossa nova music! Gorriti 5950, Palermo. 47768648. reservas@ilballo.tv


(Photo by iggykaser)

The Museo de Arte Decorativo is showcasing a special exhibit on Russian Icons and art from Tibet. Additionally the museums marvelous collection of European and Oriental paintings and sculptures, the great hall and the impressive staircase make it well worth a visit.  Av.del Libertador 1902, Recoleta.  4801-8248. Tuesdays to Sundays from 2.00pm to 7.00pm.  Guided tours in English are available every day at 2pm.

For a unique evening, book your place at Fierro Hotel’s Thursday wine tasting and sample some great Argentine wines, chosen by the president of the Argentine Sommelier Association Andres Rosberg and in-house Sommelier Martin Bruno. Tastings cost 25 USD per person and are limited to 7 people. Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6800.


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A visit to the ethnographic museum is a great way to learn more about the country’s indigenous identity and ethnic background. Opening hours: Tue-Fri 1pm-7pm, Sat-Sun 3pm-7pm Sat-Sun from 3pm-7pm. Moreno 350, San Telmo, 4345-8196/97.

Later on stop by Centro Cultural Konex for a unique experience in the dark. Dialogo en la Oscuridad is an international exhibit where the senses are rediscovered.  The public is guided in absolute darkness through different scenarios and learns to perceive every day life in a different way.  Open Tue-Sun 5pm-10pm. Sarmiento 3131, Abasto. 4864 3200.

Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by ARACELOTA)

The Italian Filarmonica Clown will be staging Amleto Avvisato Mezzo Salvato at the Shakespeare festival starting 8.30pm at Buenos Aires Polo Circo. Combate de los Pozos 1700, corner. Av. Garay, Capital Federal. More information here.

On Saturday evening, starting at 6.30pm a special milonga featuring Adriana Varela, Max Van de Voorde and Solange Acosta will be held at the Vuelta de Rocha in La Boca.

Don´t miss the festive Bubamara party being held at Groove on Sunday. Balkan music and lots of upbeat dancing are on the carnaval weekend menu! Av. Sta Fe 4389, Palermo.  Sunday starting at middnight.

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by Luis Muñoz)

Head to La Rural in Palermo to check out Expotrastiendas Art Fair, organized by the Argentine association of art galleries.

In the evening don’t miss out on La Bomba del Tiempo a percussion orchestra that has become one of the local absolute musts.  For some great post dancing pizza, head to nearby Los Cocos and order a fugazetta pizza, an onion and mozzarella local specialty.


Expotrastiendas at La Rural

Av. Santa Fe 4201, Palermo


La Bomba del Tiempo at Centro Cultural Konex

Sarmiento 3131, Abasto



Los Cocos

Córdoba, Av. 3303, Almagro




(Photo by reflectification)

Take a guided tour in English at 11am or 4pm of the spectacular Congress Palace.

In the evening the centric and hip Le Bar is serving some of the best drinks in town, and also showcasing a interesting photography exhibit by Pix Talarico.


Palacio de Congreso

Hipólito Yrigoyen 1849, Downtown

Tours available Mon, Tue, Thus, Fri at 11am and 4pm.


Le Bar

Tucuman 422, Downtown




(Photo by Mellagi)

ANDA Responsible Travel is a tour agency that promotes social and environmentally friendly tourism.  One of the alternatives they offer is booking one of their experts to discuss in-depth economy, politics, history and culture of Argentina over coffee.  Choose one of the city’s historical cafes and get into context.  More information here.

In the evening get your dose of tango at Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso where orchestra Ojos de Tango will be playing at 21.30.


Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso

Defensa 1575, San Telmo

4307 6506



(Photo by Luciano Belviso)

For those of you interested in economics and Argentine economic history, head to the Museum of External Debt where you can find out more about the economic evolution of the country. Audio guides in English are offered.

Later on Book your place for the Fierro Hotel’s Thursday wine tasting and sample some great Argentine wines, chosen by the president of the Argentine sommelier association Andres Rosberg and in-house Sommelier Martin Bruno.  Tastings cost 25 USD per person and are limited to 7 people.

Jazz fans will get a special treat on Thursday evening as the John Scofield Quartet will be playing at the Gran Rex Theatre starting 9.30pm. Tickets available here.


Museum of External Debt

José E. Uriburu 781, 1st floor, Downtown.


Open: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm


Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires

Soler 5862, Palermo



Teatro Gran Rex

Corrientes 857, Downtown.




(Photo by Jackie_oh)

Weather forecasts anticipate a warm sunny day, ideal for a walk in the ecological reserve in Puerto Madero where you can get the best view of the city!

In the evening head to aphrodisiac restaurant Te Mataré Ramirez where a free temporary exhibit of contemporary art is being displayed from 8.30pm onwards. Staying for a rather expensive dinner with an erotic puppet show is also an option.


Ecological Reserve

Av. Tristán Achával Rodriguez 1550


Open: Tue-Sun 8am-6pm

Saturday and Sunday


Te Mataré Ramirez

Gorriti 5054, Palermo



Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by capitanbar)

Head to the off the beaten path Caballito neighborhood where you can visit the natural sciences museum, a large market (Mercado del Progreso) and take a ride on antique trams.