Oscar Muñoz at the MALBA

(Photo by Museo de Antioquia)

Protografias is the name of the new MALBA exhibit, featuring a collection of Colombian Oscar Muñoz’s works. The artist uses many different media including photography, engravings, drawings, installations, video, and sculpture to play on themes related to light, processes of vision, individual memory and a need for collective memory.

The exhibit showcases 70 works by Muñoz, which he has produced over the span of forty years.  It is open until the 25th of February along with an exhibit by the British  Tracey Emin.

The MALBA is open from midday to 8pm every day except Tuesdays. The stylish museum also carries out film screenings and has a great cafe and restaurant.  Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, 4808-6500.

Fernando Bryce at the MALBA

(Photo by C-Monster)

From the 29th of June to the 20th of August the MALBA museum will be featuring a special exhibit of renowned Peruvian artist Fernando Bryce’s works.

The exhibition, which was organized by the Lima Art Museum (MALI), is the first anthology of the artist to be showcased in Latin America and will display a special selection of his drawings and illustrations from both public and private international collections.

Bryce’s works, which consist of hand drawn copies in ink of historical documents, newspapers, and magazines, amongst others, seek to question the media, the different versions of key moments in political and economic history and the ideologies behind them.

MALBA opening hours:

Thursdays-Mondays and public holidays: midday-8pm

Wednesdays: midday-9pm

Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta.

Bye Bye American Pie at the MALBA

(Nan Goldin photography by anti.deity)

The MALBA museum of Latin American Art inaugurates today a much awaited exhibit on American Contemporary Art.

Named after Don McLean’s song  American Pie,  about the loss of  innocence of the 60`s generation, the exhibit explores the cultural transformation of the United States through the pieces of seven renowned American contemporary artists; Jean-Michel Basquiat, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Cady Nolan and Paul Mc Carthy.

More than a hundred pieces including photographs, installations and paintings from public and private collections will be showcased, kicking off the museum’s 2012 exhibit calendar.

Parallel to Bye Bye American Pie, the museum will also be inaugurating Brailles y relecturas de la Biblia, an important exhibit on Leon Ferrari, an Argentine artist who, like his American counterparts, also explores themes relating to cultural and political dominance.

Both exhibits will be open to the public from the 30th of March to June-July.

Other collections being displayed at the MALBA include their  new acquisitions exhibit, and their permanent Latin American Art from 1945-1990 showcase. However, many of the most relevant pieces of the permanent collection will not be available to the public as they will be displayed in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts until October.

The MALBA also has a monthly program of historic, arthouse and independent films  that are screened from Thursday to Sunday. Find their program here.

Opening hours:

Thursday-Mondays midday-8pm.

Wednesdays- Midday-9pm.

Tuesdays closed.

Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415 , Recoleta



Buenos Aires Photo

(Como un secreto se seduce a si mismo by Luis Gonzalez Palma. Photo from texas_Ivn_2000)

The Palais de Glace  in Recoleta will be hosting the annual Buenos Aires Photo festival this weekend. The fair, which is the only one of its kind in Latin America will be showcasing collections from over thirty galleries from Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, Chile, United States and Canad. The event will take place from the  27th-30th of October from 1pm-9pm and will cost a 30 peso entry fee.

This is a great opportunity to see Latin American photography and is  just a few blocks away from the must-see Recoleta Cemetery as well as from the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the MALBA.


Buenos Aires Photo

Palais de Glace

Posadas 1725, Recoleta

4804 1163



Off the Beaten Path: Museo de Xul Solar


Art can sometimes be taken so seriously that all the fun is dragged out of it. If you tend towards a more playful approach to life, or if you are an art loving chess whiz, you will definitely love the Xul Solar museum. It not only exhibits this artists colorful metaphysical dreamlike paintings, but also some of his nutty but brilliant inventions, such as a new global language (he would have loved the internet!), and the Panjuego, a game which he made up and played with many of his friends including Borges whose books he sometimes illustrated.  Unfortunately for us, as the game changed every time it was played, there are no rules that specify how to go about it, otherwise we would be more than happy to challenge you to a Panjuego tournament in this lovely intimate art museum on a rainy afternoon!