Buenos Aires Valentine Day Options to Indulge your Senses

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Tuesday and Buenos Aires is the perfect city for romance! Below, our suggestions for you to splurge, delight in and explore with your lover, or to spark up a conversation with someone new.



PH: Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina

For an alternative Valentine’s date, take a Foto Ruta Photography Tour and discover the city together while capturing snapshots on the way!

If you’re into art, or even if you’re not, stop by the MNBA (National Fine Arts Museum) in the French Style Recoleta neighborhood and find as many love stories as you can in the artworks. Av. Libertador 1473, Recoleta



PH: Kevin Dooley

For those that don’t feel like slow dancing but feel like dancing anyway, don’t miss the La Grande orchestra that kicks off its 2017  repertoire this Tuesday alongside Villa Diamante at 8pm. Santos 4040, Villa Crespo 

Those who want to jazz up the evening can stop by Bebop Club in San Telmo which will be hosting a Woody Allen jazz night from 9pm onwards. Moreno 364, San Telmo. 



PH: Philip Edmondson

To indulge in the sense of smell, stop by Fueguia, a unique perfume lab where you can sample unique scents and maybe pick out a perfume for your beloved. Av. Alvear 1680, Recoleta. 

Wine is both an indulgence for the nose and for the palate, plus it’s a great for a date. Stop by the Gran Bar Danzón wine bar, or head to Bar du Marché‘s new venue in Nicaragua 6002 in Palermo which will open on Monday the 13th. Otherwise, ask one of the UCO som’s to guide you through the restaurant’s great wine list!



At UCO you can also pamper your significant other with a special Valentine’s Tasting Menu which is bound to be better than love itself. Book in advance! Soler 5862, Palermo

You can also kill two birds with one stone at Florería Atlántico which is both a flower shop and a great dining spot! Arroyo 972, Retiro



PH: BeGreen_Studio

If you want to get away for the day, head to the Delta Eco Spa in Tigre where you can explore a unique location plus get a massage. Río Carapachay 605, Tigre

Holistic BA


Visitors in Buenos Aires who would like to continue with their regular yoga regime, beauty and holistic health treatments, or are looking for some pampering and relaxation, have a variety of places to choose from in the city. Below is our pick of spa’s, yoga centers and more.


Yin Yang Pie: In Recoleta, this spa offers a broad selection of massage therapies focusing on relaxation and inner peace. They include a special yin-yang massage that merges a variety of techniques, as well as foot massages using reflexology and beauty treatments, amongst others.  Arenales 2189, Recoleta. 4824-2011.

Four Seasons Buenos Aires/ Alvear Palace/ Hotel Faena/ Hyatt -Palacio Duhau: All these five star hotels offer spa days and services, each with unique treatments and special products.

Guests at Fierro Hotel can also ask the front desk to book an in-room massage or enjoy the sauna next to the rooftop pool.


In English:

Buena Onda Yoga offers mostly English yoga lessons in San Telmo, Las Cañitas and Chacarita. They also host occasional moonlight yoga events which include yoga classes, live music and vegetarian cuisine. More information here.


Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires is in Palermo and their lessons are in Spanish. However, if you can’t live without your dose of Bikram this is the only place in the city that offers this particular type of yoga.  Las Heras 3541, Palermo. More information here.

Weekend Getaway:

Eco Yoga Park is an hour away from the city center and is the perfect location for holistic die-hard fans who want to relax in nature, meditate, practice yoga and engage in the ecologic lifestyle. Classes are generally in Spanish although it is possible to book in advance for groups who want  English classes. More information here.

Yoga Parties:

Yoga Rave organizes unique party experiences in which yoga, meditation, dancing, and non-alcoholic energizing drinks combine for a healthy take on clubbing and socializing. More information about upcoming raves here.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Frances Ren Huang is one of the yoga teachers at Buena Onda yoga and she is also dedicated to Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. She studied in Beijing, China and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in oriental medicine and rebalancing techniques. More information here.