Mexican Tasting Menu at HG Restaurant

Mexican flavors will be making their way into HG Restaurant on Saturday evening as Mexican guest chef Antonio de Livier and our very own Hernán Gipponi join forces to cook up a colorful tasting menu full of flavor and spice.

The menu kicks off with Baja California style battered fish, white fish sashimi, sprouts and avocado mousse (paired with top of the line tequila!). Then, two starters follow including shrimp with kumato soup, cucumber and strawberries and crispy flour tortillas with pig trotters in Mexican green mortajada sauce, fried oysters, radishes and sour cream.  The main courses include catch of the day with pipían sauce, humita and fennel, creamy rabbit rice with mushrooms and leeks, and veal cheeks sous vide, Oaxaca mole, green squash, spiced carrots and watercress.  Finally, for the sweet part of the menu there will be a pre-dessert of yacaratía (an Argentine tree with an edible trunk), with blue goat cheese from Entre Ríos and sweet chili, and then a dessert of passion fruit and yoghurt with strawberry, mango and carob granita.

The tasting menu costs 290 pesos per person and includes wine parings. Book your place in advance at 3220-6820. Fierro Hotel. Soler 5862.