José de San Martín

(Photo by santiago nicolau)

Monday is a national holiday in memory of José de San Martín, the country’s independence leader. The famous general was born in the late 1700’s in Corrientes province and is credited with leading Peru, Chile and Argentina to their independence whilst Simón Bolivar did the same in the north of the continent.

Although he was born in Argentina, San Martin grew up in Spain where in fact he began his military career, reaching the rank of lieutenant coronel and came in touch with the ideas of the Spanish Enlightenment. After resigning to the Spanish military, he returned to South America and began his participation in the independence wars. Many speculate that this decision was actually encouraged by the British who had commercial interest in the independence of South America; others argue that for San Martín, the South American independence war was only an extension of an ideological battle between enlightenment and absolutism. Whichever the cause he became a national hero and had a brilliant military career, with many anecdotes, such as the crossing of the Andes, which history highlights as one of the extraordinary feats of South American independence.

In Buenos Aires, the Plaza San Martin in one of the central landmarks. In it is the famous San Martin monument where the independence battle and the country’s libertador are commemorated.

25th of May Celebrations in Buenos Aires


The 25th of May is one of the most important national holidays in Argentina. It commemorates the day in which the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata was overthrown and replaced by the First Assembly; one of the turning points in Argentine independence.

Festivities include typical dances in folklore peñas, and patriotic foods such as locro (find Hernán Gipponi’s recipe here), empanadas, and pastelitos.

There are also festivities organized by the government and this year they will take place at the Plaza de Mayo where the president will speak this year and there will be live bands, dancing and other celebrations.

ArteBA, the most important art fair in the country, and Feria Puro Diseño will also be taking place throughout the weekend at La Rural. And, of course, there will also be brunch at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant both on Saturday and Sunday.

Patriot Brunch at HG Restaurant


(Photo by J-Cornelius)

On Friday the country will be celebrating one of its most important national holidays, the 25 de Mayo, day in which the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata was overthrown and replaced by the First Assembly; one of the turning points in Argentine independence.

On patriotic dates as this one and the 9th of July (which is the official date of independence) typical foods including locro (a hearty soup made from maize, vegetables and meats), empanadas, and pastelitos (sweet treats filled with quince and sweet potato jam) amongst others, are enjoyed by the Argentine people.

Those who want to sample the best of typical Argentine cuisine should not miss the special patriot brunch that Hernán Gipponi Restaurant will be serving for the occasion.  The menu will feature pastelitos and torta frita, locro of course, and other local delicacies such as tongue and quince with  cheese.  The 9-step brunch menu will cost 120 pesos and includes different juices, coffee and tea.

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