Navarro Correas Gourmet Experience at HG Restaurant

The prestigious Navarro Correas winery has selected 15 of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires to be protagonists of a unique gourmet experience where fine dining and top quality wine meet. The event, which will promote the winery’s new line Reserva, will last six weeks and will take place in different restaurants around the city.

This Friday, Hernán Gipponi Restaurant will be in charge of offering the special Navarro Correas Gourmet Experience. The 6 step tasting menu will include delicacies such as Basque blood sausage with apple, cider vinegar and roasted peppers; catch of the day with mussels cream, roasted tomato and tofu; Patagonian lamb loin with sweet potatoes, acid beetroot and fennel; and Argentine inspired desserts, amongst others, all paired with Navarro Correas wines.

Additionally, local celebrity DJ Jimena Blizniuk will be musicalizing the  evening.

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