New Year Parties in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Guus Krol)

The biggest party of the year always takes place for New Year and in Buenos Aires a whole roster of international DJ’s will be stopping by to help us say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. The following are the hottest options to greet 2013 in full swing!

John Digweed will be at Crobar in Palermo for a special New Years Party. Tickets here.

At the hip riverside club Mandarine, the Irish John O Callaghan will be setting the pace. Tickets here.

Pacha is a classic New Year spot for regular clubbers and this year Italian Stefano Noferini will be in charge of the music. Tickets here.

At Privilege the music will be at the hand of Slovakian Tomas Haverlik, at the Sudam New Year’s eve.

The largest international crowd will be at the Fiesta Piso Compartido, which reunites hostel guests, travelers and more at Club Niceto from 1.30am onwards.  Tickets here.

Club Severino celebrates an end of the world party that will feature live bands, music and more from 1.30 am onwards.

For a more alternative celebration get your tickets to Fiesta Pies Descalsos (the barefoot party) that will take place in San Telmo.  No shoes allowed, creativity, bathing suites and wacky costumes encouraged!

Hot New Nightspots in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Carolina Tarre)

Unicorn Huset

Unicorn Huset is the most promising new addition to the Buenos Aires night scene. Trendsetters and world travelers meet at this Scandinavian inspired resto/bar-club for some stylish upbeat fun! Open from Wednesday’s to Saturday’s from 9pm onwards. Honduras 5730, Palermo Hollywood.

La Oreja Negra

La Oreja Negra is like a collage, combining art exhibits, cocktails, live music  (featuring both traditional folklore, tango and modern electro-pop-rock), and other nocturnal extravaganzas in one place. They self proclaim themselves as an art-drink-kiss factory, and promise the most varied of entertainments. During the day they operate as an art bookstore, and from 9pm onwards the music begins. Uriarte 1271, Palermo. 2053-3263.

Brook Palermo

Older crowds looking for a more traditional nightclub now have to option of heading to Brook Palermo, an elegant and ample club that offers a dinner show and later on traditional clubbing. The Palermo centered venue has open terraces and focuses on an adult crowd. Juan B. Justo 1574, Palermo. 4781-7061

New Year’s Eve Parties in Buenos Aires

The year is coming to an end and what better way to transition from the old to the new than by dancing all night long to celebrate the blessings of 2011 and welcome those to come in 2012?   Below is the list of Buenos Aires New Year parties to celebrate all night long.

(Photo by Robbie Biller)

Niceto Club– To celebrate the New Year Palermo based Niceto Club is putting on one of their Piso Compartido parties in which language school students, expats, hostel and hotel guests and locals are welcome to a wild wild party-Niceto style! Niceto Vega 5510– Palermo. 4779 9396.

 Isabel- The glamorous Palermitan Isabel bar will be hosting a glitzy NewYear´s Eve Party. Options include Dinner at Isabel and staying for the bash, or dinner at the next-door Sipan with and added plus for a ticket to the party, or just plain buying tickets for the party. Uriarte 1664, Palermo Soho. 4834 6969.

Crobar: The famous Dutch DJ, Sander Van Doorn, will be playing a unique New Years set list at this Palermo based nightclub. Marcelo Freire and Paseo de la Infanta, Palermo. 4788-1500.

Pacha Clubland: The London Dj´s Layo and Bushwacka are sure to put on a hell of a party at the Pacha Clubland New Years party. The other great thing about this party is the outdoor terrace overlooking the river with a pretty sight at dawn. Av. Rafael Obligado 6151, Costanera. 4788-4280.

Boutique (ex Museum)– British DJ Simon Patterson will be in charge of the music at the Happy New Year party at this San Telmo centered nightclub designed by Gustav Eiffel. Perú 535, San Telmo. 43429235

Rumi- This Belgrano centered nightclub with a great atmosphere and a glitzy crowd will host their annual End of the Year Party where dance music will be the star. Figueroa Alcorta 6442, Belgrano. 4782-1398

Asia de Cuba- Overlooking Puerto Madero, Asia de Cuba is a polished and modern nightclub. The oriental decor and classic 80´s and techno music make this a popular venue for local and foreign party people. Olga Cossentini 751- Puerto Madero. 4894-1328. 

Honduras HollywoodThis disco bar in Palermo will be hosting a Fiesta de la Espuma (foam party) to end the year surrounded by bubbles! Honduras 5535, Palermo. 4899-0095. 

Maluco Beleza At the Brazilian Maluco Beleza the end of the year will be celebrated with a Noche de Blanco party; this means everyone must wear white. Sarmiento 1728, Downtown. 4732-1737.

Tutti i Fiocchi Block party Tutti i Fiocchi bar in Palermo will host a block party on the street with music by cubo. Gorriti 5900, Palermo. 4779-9554.

Planetarium 2012- Another outdoors option is the Planetarium party, which will be an all night electronic fest.  Av. Sarmiento and Belisario Roldán.

We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for a wonderful 2012!

Christmas Eve Parties in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, the real Christmas Eve celebrations begin once midnight has passed after eating, toasting, lighting fireworks and opening presents. That’s when the city comes alive with Porteño style late night partying until the break of dawn.  So where to go to join the fun? Read on-

Niceto Club: Offering live music and cutting edge theme based parties this is definitely a Buenos Aires funhouse. For Christmas this year they will be hosting two parties; the Magic Christmas Party, featuring trance music by DJ Javier Brussola, and the Januca party celebrating the Jewish “party of lights.” Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo. 4779 9396 /

Clubland at Pacha: One of the biggest clubs in town, Pacha is famous for its Saturday night house and techno dance floor which hosts international and local DJs. This weekend will be no exception as the city’s most fervent partiers gather to celebrate Christmas. Av. Rafael Obligado 6151, Costanera. 4788-4280.

 Crobar: This popular club in Palermo offers two dance floors, a VIP lounge and some great house and electronic music. This year they will be pumping up Christmas with DJs Aldo Haydar and Facundo Lacogneta. Marcelo Freire and Paseo de la Infanta, Palermo. 4788-1500.

Club Araoz: This Palermo centered club will be playing dance, hip-hop, regeton, rock and pop tunes to celebrate Christmas with its happy clubbers. Araoz 2424, Palermo. 4832-9751.

Rumi: Rumi is a Belgrano centered nightclub with a great atmosphere and a glitzy crowd.  This Saturday they will host their annual Christmas bash where dance music will be the star. Figueroa Alcorta 6442, Belgrano. 4782-1398.

Boris Club de Jazz: Lovers of live music should definitely head to Boris to celebrate Christmas with 0km who will be playing funk, rock, pop and soul covers. Gorriti 5568, Palermo. 4777-0012.

Maluco Beleza: No one knows how to party better than Brazilians, and at Maluco Beleza that’s the way to party. If samba gets your feet going then this is where you will want to tap your toes this Christmas.  Sarmiento 1728, Downtown. 4732-1737.

La Viruta Tango: Dancing kicks off from 12.30pm onwards at this tango hotspot where previous dinner with reservation will also be served for the occasion.  Armenia 1366, Palermo. 4779-0030.

Bars will also be open from 1am onwards (approximately).

5 Parties Not to Miss

Club Severino Cool Beats night by Francisco Marise

Club Severino

This is the place to go on a Monday night for some hip-hop, R&B, rap, pop and retro rock. A great place to start the week off partying and, a good option to continue the party after La Bomba del Tiempo.

Club Severino

Hipolito Yrigoyen 851, Downtown

Monday’s 11.30pm

Dengue Dancing at Gong

This Thursday underground party is set in a seventies style mirrored floor with red lights and plenty of retro dancers who move to the carefully selected music all night long. The place to go for a kitsch, sexy night of fun.

Dengue Dancing at Gong

Cordoba 634, Downtown

Happy Hour 11.30pm-12.30pm

Club 69 at Niceto Club

This wild Thursday party has been going for more than a decade now displaying a burlesque show, glitter clad transvestites, clowns and belly dancers and more. Bizarre, colorful, and entertaining this jam-packed party doesn’t stop until the break of dawn.

Niceto Club

Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo

Thursdays 11pm (Keep in mind that partying here doesn’t really start until 2am)

Ploox! at Wanna Club

These Friday parties have recently become a part of the city nightlife promising to be Miguel Salas and Will Aquinos next big hit after their popular Hip Hop Wednesday parties at Sugar. National and international DJs get  both the local and the foreign adult crowds going, promising a night of fun and non-stop dancing.


Juan B. Justo 1636, Palermo

Fridays 12pm-6am

Fiestas Bubamara

This upbeat monthly party is inspired in Balcanic music and gipsy style.  They were born in 2002 from a wave of artistic youth who came across the films and music of Emir Kusturica  and decided to bring the increasingly popular gipsy aesthetic to the city nightlife. Now a days the parties have become so popular they have spread across the country offering boisterous nights of dancing, live acts and video projections in an unconventional party setting.

Check out Bubamaras Facebook page for news on their upcoming parties.


(Photo by pieceofplastic)

Back in the days of prohibition, speakeasy bars popped up in New York attracting their clientele by the word of mouth of trusted customers.  Taking this same approach, Frank’s Bar recently opened in Palermo Hollywood promising an invite-only upscale clandestine night out.  To get in you need to dial a password into a faux-telephone booth which opens the secret door. Once inside you will surely be seduced by the superb drinks and the cool atmosphere with an in house erotic shop and international djs . A must find.

Buenos Aires Nightlife #5

For those of you who prefer partying options that don’t involve excesively loud electronic music and huge nightclubs, or for those who are looking for some alternative fun, these three venues are worthwhile checking out!

El Living

El Living is a resto/lounge-club recreating a living room feel with lamps, couches, retro TVs and screens on which video clips and film clips are screened. The main room usually features classic 80’s and 90’s rock music whilst The Green Room has a more varied play list, both with vjs and a cool laid back atmosphere. This is definitely the place to go if you’re not that into heavy clubbing but still want a great late night out in the city with good music and a lively buzzing scene.

M.T. de Alvear 1540, Barrio Norte

+54 11 4815-3379 ‎

Club 74

This small disco, funk and soul nightclub opened in 1958 and has been kept alive by its owners ever since, evolving with the times and fashions until the 70’s and 80’s where they decided to remain. Now a day, the same vinyls from that era are spun for a fun loving crowd that dances uninhibited on its funky lit up dance floor on Saturdays. The psychedelic decor of the place also maintains the now retro style that was once the latest trend making this club an off the beaten path experience in itself.

Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7474, Belgrano


El Podesta Super Club de Copas

The Podesta is a popular club in Palermo with two seating and dancing areas where you can both move to 80’s, 90’s, classic dance tunes and moderate electronic music on the top floor,  or sit down for drinks and chat with friends.  The crowd is as cool as the place, which meshes both upbeat fun with laid back comfortable. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays.

Armenia 1740, Palermo


Buenos Aires Nightlife #4

Jet Lounge

This exclusive club overlooking the river and port is the party spot for the Buenos Aires rich and famous. Their great cocktail menu, dinning space and multiple bars and dance floors guarantee a good time for those looking to party in style.

Av.Rafael Obligado 4801, Costanera Norte
Open Thursdays through Saturdays.


Rumi is a Belgrano centered nightclub with a great atmosphere and a high end crowd. On Wednesdays they play 80’s music and reggeton, Thursdays they host their Elegant Night party, playing 70’s music and offering live shows and screenings, Fridays are classic dance music and Saturdays offer latin music and slow dances.

Figueroa Alcorta 6442, Belgrano


This popular club in Palermo offers two dance floors, a VIP lounge and some great house and electronica. This good looking crowd gets pumping to the very loud music brought by local and international DJ’s!

Marcelo Freire and Paseo de la Infanta, Palermo

Buenos Aires Nightlife #1

It is well know that the Buenos Aires nightlife is one of the city´s biggest attractions. All nighters, bar hopping, and late night dancing are all part of the fun. Some suggestions for good partying include:

Club Niceto: Offering live music and cutting edge theme based parties this is definitely a Buenos Aires funhouse. For a wild party you wont forget, go on a Thursday when Club Niceto hosts Club 69. Just remember clubbing here stars late so don’t go before 2am.

(+54 11) 4779 9396 /
Niceto Vega 5510 – C1414BFD – Palermo
Ciudad de Buenos Aires – Argentina

Museum: In the heart of San Telmo this is buzzing nightclub was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the same man who designed the Eiffel Tower!  Other appeals of this venue include, live music, a dinner menu and happy hour. The music is mostly 80´s, 90-s, dance, pop and disco.

Perú 535, San Telmo
 +54 (11) 43429235

Asia de Cuba: Overlooking Puerto Madero, Asia de Cuba is a polished and modern restaurant and nightclub. The oriental decor and exotic dishes make this a popular venue for local and foreign party people.  Music is mostly techno and classic 80´s.

Olga Cossentini 751- Puerto Madero