Coming Up: Argentina Open Polo Championship

(Photo by Roger Schultz)

The most important Polo championship of the year kicks off this Saturday until the 8th of December.  The championship, which is the fifth oldest in the world and dates back to 1893, is one of the most prestigious social events of the year and is renowned internationally for its quality sport and horses. This makes it perfect for getting in touch with an emblematic aspect of Argentine culture, enjoying the grace of the sport and people watching.

The Open Polo Championship will take place at the posh Catedral de Polo in Palermo. Tickets to the matches are available here and can be bought for the whole tournament or for individual matches.  Prices for the whole tournament range from 445 pesos to 7980 pesos, depending on seating. Prices of the individual matches that have already gone on sale range between 50 pesos and 600 pesos.