5 Light Lunch Spots in Palermo



On hot summer days it is important to stay hydrated and to eat light and fresh meals that keep you energized and cool. Below, we share a pick of five restaurants in the Palermo area where you can stop by for a refreshing and uplifting lunch.

1-) Artemisia: This bright and white palermo corner offers top quality natural and organic food in a spacy setting, and is the perfect spot to go to if you want a salad that isn’t just a combination of mixed greens. Costa Rica 5893, Palermo

2-) BIO: Also belonging to the natural and organic group of Palermo restaurants, and located on a shady corner, Bio has a great menu including cold raw soups and more. Humboldt 2192, Palermo

3-) The Factory Juice Bar: If you’re on the go and want a shot of vitamins and perhaps a light sandwich, then The Factory is for you. They specialize in juices of all kinds and varieties and are a great summer option. El Salvador 4995, Palermo

4-) Omakase: Another great lunch option on summer days is sushi. Omakase is a closed door restaurant in Bar du Marche (that specializes in wine), and it is one of the city’s sushi favorites! Nicaragua 5946, Palermo

5-) La Mar: Last, but certainly not least, is classic summer ceviche, and this is La Mar’s speciality, plus they have a nice shady patio outside for those that prefer outdoors to air conditioning. Arévalo 2024, Palermo

And if you don’t want to leave the hotel, remember that at UCO we have some great light summer options on our menu too, including ceviche, salads and fresh yoghurt foams and sorbet for dessert, with the option of enjoying them in our garden!

This Week: 11-17th of May



(Photo by Honghu W)

Last chance to stop by the Buenos Aires International Book Fair and shop for some books to take back home or play a game of chess with the pros at 7pm. More information here.

Later on, stop by Centro Cultural Konex where famous percussion group, La Bomba del Tiempo, will be carrying out their Monday show starting at 7pm. Sarmiento 3151, Almagro.


anima mundi

(Anima Mundi- Marina Abramovic)

The B.15 Performance Biennial is still taking place until the 7th of June with works by renowned local and international artists including Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Marta Minujín, Sophie Calle and more. Find the full program here.

In the evening, head to the Colón Theatre to attend the opera function of L’Elisir d’Amore starting at 8pm. Tickets here.


the wings of desire

(Photo from The Wings of Desire/ Wim Wenders)

The Buenos Aires Polo Circo Festival, featuring circus and trapeze acts from around the World and other related activities, is taking place until the 17th of May. Find the full program here.

At 7pm, head to La Trastienda for their Brazilian Wednesday event, Miércoles Carinhosos, and dance all the way past midnight. Balcarce 460, San Telmo.


Check out the new Mona Hatoum exhibit being held at Fundación PROA until the 14th of June.

In the evening, head to the Colón Theatre to attend the opera function of L’Elisir d’Amore starting at 8pm. Tickets here.


puerto madero

(Photo by Ernesto Lago)

Take one of FotoRuta’s Street Scape tours and learn some photography tips while discovering the city from a different angle. More information here.

In the evening, the British band Jungle will be staging a live show at Niceto Club in Palermo. Tickets here.

Saturday and Sunday


(Photo by Tom Gill)

Book your place at UCO´s unique weekend brunch, now revamped with an Irish version as well! 3220-6800Soler 5862,Palermo.

The Buenos Aires Market, offering fresh organic produce and natural products will be taking place at the Palermo racetracks throughout the weekend.  More information here.

On Saturday evening, don’t miss the Zappa plays Zappa concert by Dweezil Zappa at the Teatro Opera. Tickets here.

Stop by the Palermo Rosedal where you can rent paddle boats to cruise the small lake alongside the ducks, and visit the Sivori Museum, which offers free tours in English and German on Saturdays at 3pm and 5pm! Av. Infanta Isabel 555, Palermo.

Fierro’s Palermo Hollywood Guide

Find links to all our favorite Palermo Hollywood Spots for drinks, music, food and more!

–       Cafés

–       Brunch

–       Restaurants

–       Organic and Green

–       Outdoor Drink Spots


–       Live Music Venues

–       Art Galleries

–       Dorrego Flea Market


–       Primping and Wellbeing

Fierro Loves Hollywood: Brunch

The last fad to hit BA is brunch and it makes perfect sense in a city that parties until the early dawn that waking up late and leisurely brunching become a favorite weekend activity. Options for delectable breakfast+lunch experiences abound, and more so in Palermo, so we picked a few of our favorites in the Hollywood area.

Hernán Gipponi Restaurant: Our very own HG couldn’t go unmentioned, and is top of the top if we do say so ourselves! The restaurant´s diva-worthy brunch experience includes a tasting menu with juices, fruits, yummy medialunas, and then the trademark main courses featuring fish and meat, as well as Bloody Mary and coffee (of course!). Book your place in advance on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays at 3220 6820. Soler 5862.

Oui Oui: This cozy café was one of the first in the area offer European-style bakery (as its French name may suggest) and is one of the most popular, not only for brunch (which includes scrambled eggs, salmon, and scrumptious pastries), but also for lemonade and cakes in the afternoon. Nicaragua 6068. 4778-9614.

Pani: Right across from Oui Oui is this similar popular spot that places an emphasis on the sweet and offers a brunch menu that features dishes with both a foreign and a local flair including its famous Martín Fierro cake made with sweet potato jam. Nicaragua 6044. 4772-6420.

Olsen: The best this Scandinavian restaurant offers is its great selection of vodkas, and so, their post-Saturday fun Bloody Mary is definitely one of the highlights, along with the garden lounge chairs, of this classic Palermo Sunday brunching spot. Food has gotten better and worse reviews over the years, and the menu includes traditional Nordic flavors such as smorgasbord with yummy toppings and typical dishes such as scrambled eggs. Gorriti 5870.  4776-7677

Artemisia: And, for the healthy, this organic restaurant offers a brunch menu full with whole wheat bread, seeds, fruits and juices bound to restore energy and radiance! Gorriti 5996. 4776.5484.

Fierro Loves Hollywood: Organic & Green

(Photo by Kimberly Kling (Joyful Roots))

Vegetarian, raw, organic, healthy, natural and green are all adjectives that the Hollywood sector of Palermo has quickly adopted as its own, and in a meat-eating country like Argentina, that’s saying a lot! Below is our selection of (insert preferred adjective from the above list) restaurants. And, a quaint neighborhood market for shopping and some fun.

Bio – The first organic vegetarian restaurant to open in Buenos Aires in 2002 deserves first mention. Their menu offers a variety of flavorful dishes for breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner, and prioritizes the perfect balance between health and flavor. Humboldt 2199, Palermo. 4774-3880.

Artemisia- Run by a couple who are passionate about bringing healthy food to the table, this is a great place to try the seasonal dishes which are made primarily with everything organic.  Gorriti 5996, Palermo Hollywood. 4776-5484.

Buenos Aires Verde- Sustainable living and healthy eating are the pillars of this relaxed restaurant and store where raw dishes, outdoor seating and takeaway are also options.  Gorriti 5657, Palermo Hollywood. 4775 9594.

Meraviglia–  And, close by is another popular green hot spot with organic products to take away, baked goods and a great mostly vegetarian menu that also features fish and of course organic ingredients. Gorriti 5796, Palermo Hollywood. 4775 7949.

Mercado Solidario Bonpland- Three days a week, on Tuesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s, this organic neighborhood market opens to the public offering everything from organic food to cleaning products to a variety of items made by local indigenous communities. There are also cultural activities including live music and artistic events to promote sustainable living, fair trade and community cooperation. Bonpland 1660, Palermo Hollywood. 

Coming up: Buenos Aires Market

(Photo by etté studios)

Buenos Aires Market kicks off its 2013 edition this weekend at the 3 de Febrero Parks in Palermo. The market, which aims at promoting healthy lifestyle and organic products, will have over 60 stands and will be featuring different workshops on organic gardening, raw food and more. There will also be free yoga classes on both Saturday and Sunday at midday.

The fair will take place from 10 am to 7pm at the intersection of Sarmiento and Libertador Avenue.  If it rains the market will take place on the following weekend.

Future fairs will be taking place throughout the year at different locations:

March: 16th and 17th / 3 de Feberero Parks, Palermo

April: 13th and 14th / Barrancas de Belgrano

May: 11th and 12th / 3 de Febrero Parks, Palermo

June: 22nd and 23rd / Parque Rivadavia, Caballito

July: 13th and 14th / 3 de Febrero Parks, Palermo

August: 17th and 18th / Plaza San Martín

September: 14th and 15th / 3 de Febrero Parks, Palermo

October: 12th and 13th /La Boca- Usina del Arte

November: 23rd and 24th / 3 de Febrero Parks, Palermo

Top 5 Restaurants in Palermo

(Starter at Hernan Gipponi Restaurant)

Hernán Gipponi: Ranked number 1 on Trip Advisor, this newcomer to the Palermo scene offers distinguished auteur cuisine with Spanish influences in the ground floor of our hotel. The renowned chef displays his culinary expertise, acquired at michelin starred restaurants such as the Guggenheim Bilbao and Quique Dacosta’s El Poblet in Denia, infusing each carefully prepared dish with subtle touches that make a big difference. We recommend you try the 7-step tasting menu with some of the remarkable wines selected by the president of the Argentine Sommelier Association, Andres Rosberg, and sommelier Martin Bruno. Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6820.

Paraje Arévalo: Although it might seem like another typical Palermo bistro, Estefanía Di Benedetto and Matías Kyrizis restaurant stands out as one of the best of its kind. Set in a simple antique atmosphere, this small gem acquires its sparkle from its refined dishes which feature grass fed meat, organic vegetables and spectacular home baked breads and patisserie.  Two alternatives are offered for dinner; a 6 step tasting menu, and another of 8, both unequaled. During the day they serve breakfast, 5 o clock tea, and a lunch menu. Arévalo 1502, Palermo. 4775-7759

Las Pizarras: A unique concept is behind the ever-changing dishes determined by what Chef Rodrigo Castillo picks daily from the market. The resulting menu is displayed in the evening on chalk boards (pizarras) promising a singular dinning experience imbued with flavors, freshness and overall quality.  What might you find on Las Pizarras chalkboards?  Pate, quail, duck, beef, homemade raviolis, and fish amongst other delicacies. Thames 2296, Palermo. 4775-0625

Casa Mun: The goal of Chef Mun in this intimate closed-door restaurant is to create a sense of community amongst the food lovers sitting at his grand table. His own passion for cuisine began at a young age and was inherited from his mother and later developed into a full time activity after studying under the likes of celebrity Chef Makota Okuwa amongst others. The dining experience he shares with his visitors includes Japanese, Korean, Chinese and California cuisines and prove to be good for both the palate and the spirit. 15-3356-0092.

Don Julio: Meat eating whilst you’re visiting Buenos Aires is probably on your agenda and there is no place like a traditional parrilla to do it. Don Julio, is just that, a relaxed homey environment, good wine but most of all a great place to satiate your inner carnivore.  Guatemala 4691, Palermo. 4831-9564.

Vegetarian Buenos Aires

With all the fame Argentine meat gets, a vegetarian eager to visit Buenos Aires for all its other charms might feel left out from the regular eating agenda. However, despite the carnivorous tendencies of the local cuisine, a variety of vegetarian and vegan options are thriving in the city, appealing to both herbivore and omnivores alike. Here are five suggestions you to sample:


An upscale vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Palermo offering four course organic meals, and vegan, celiac and raw options in a chic and carefully designed environment.  Chef Maximo Cabrera incorporates slow food concepts, gourmet dinning and environmental philosophy to guarantee quality, flavor and awareness about what we eat and where it comes from.

El Salvador 5783, Palermo


Tue-Sun Lunch and dinner.

Casa Felix

Casa Felix is a private restaurant part of Colectivo Felix, an interesting eco-gastronomic project that aims to promote local cultures and support small scale and eco-food producers through their cooking tours, research and restaurant.  The restaurant, open a few months of the year serves a five-course pescetarian meal (which you can request to be vegetarian or vegan) featuring original flavors and spices from their research on their travels across the country. Access to the restaurant is through reservation only.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9.30pm




Bio was the first organic vegetarian restaurant to open in Buenos Aires in 2002. Their menu offers a variety of flavorful dishes for breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner, providing meals made from products which prize health and flavor.

Humboldt 2199, Palermo


Mon- Sun  9am-1am

La Abuela Pan

Homemade fresh vegetarian food in a recycled old house in San.  They serve a special Sunday lunch menu making it a good place to go to if you’re visiting the antique fair.

Bolivar 707, San Telmo


Mon-Fri Lunch

Sun- 9am-4pm


Siempre Verde

This Chinese vegetarian restaurant in the local Chinatown is very popular for its well-priced tasty, well-prepared and filling dishes. Although the decor doesn’t say much and the service is somewhat sloppy, it’s definitely one of the local vegetarian favorites proven by its usually full house. We recommend the mushroom meat, made from shitake, and specifying that they bring the entrees and main courses separately if you want it them that way.

Arribeños 2127, Belgrano

155 454 6481

Tue-Sun Lunch and Dinner

Cash only

Other options are Veggie´s (Las Cañitas) , Krishna (Palermo), Naturaleza Sabia (San Telmo, open on Sundays for lunch), La Radiancia (Palermo, recommeded), Granix (Bufet in Microcentro), Meraviglia (Palermo, recommeded), Artemisa (Palermo, recommended)