Fierro Loves Hollywood: Brunch

The last fad to hit BA is brunch and it makes perfect sense in a city that parties until the early dawn that waking up late and leisurely brunching become a favorite weekend activity. Options for delectable breakfast+lunch experiences abound, and more so in Palermo, so we picked a few of our favorites in the Hollywood area.

Hernán Gipponi Restaurant: Our very own HG couldn’t go unmentioned, and is top of the top if we do say so ourselves! The restaurant´s diva-worthy brunch experience includes a tasting menu with juices, fruits, yummy medialunas, and then the trademark main courses featuring fish and meat, as well as Bloody Mary and coffee (of course!). Book your place in advance on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays at 3220 6820. Soler 5862.

Oui Oui: This cozy café was one of the first in the area offer European-style bakery (as its French name may suggest) and is one of the most popular, not only for brunch (which includes scrambled eggs, salmon, and scrumptious pastries), but also for lemonade and cakes in the afternoon. Nicaragua 6068. 4778-9614.

Pani: Right across from Oui Oui is this similar popular spot that places an emphasis on the sweet and offers a brunch menu that features dishes with both a foreign and a local flair including its famous Martín Fierro cake made with sweet potato jam. Nicaragua 6044. 4772-6420.

Olsen: The best this Scandinavian restaurant offers is its great selection of vodkas, and so, their post-Saturday fun Bloody Mary is definitely one of the highlights, along with the garden lounge chairs, of this classic Palermo Sunday brunching spot. Food has gotten better and worse reviews over the years, and the menu includes traditional Nordic flavors such as smorgasbord with yummy toppings and typical dishes such as scrambled eggs. Gorriti 5870.  4776-7677

Artemisia: And, for the healthy, this organic restaurant offers a brunch menu full with whole wheat bread, seeds, fruits and juices bound to restore energy and radiance! Gorriti 5996. 4776.5484.

5 Places for Brunch in Buenos Aires

(Bread basket at HG Restaurant)

Hernán Gipponi Restaurant: Brunch at HG Restaurant is special, as many of our guests will testify to; it comes in steps and it’s not a fixed menu, so it’s full of surprises. Brunch kicks off with fresh juices and fruits, continuing with pastries and an assortment of bread, some form of eggs, and four more dishes; 2 salty and 2 sweet, in between an alcoholic shooter, and of course, coffee.  Brunch is served every Sunday with previous reservation. Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800. Find a full review with photos here.

Oui Oui: This popular French Bistro in the heart of Palermo is always full, whether for breakfast, lunch, or tea time. The reason for this is simple, they have great baked goods, a nice environment and a brunch ruled by delicious eggs in all their possible preparations. The pain au chocolat is quite a treat too and the whole Oui Oui brunch experience is available both on Saturdays and Sundays. 6068 Nicaragua, 4778 9614.

Magdalena’s Party: This popular venue serves American style breakfast with bacon, eggs, waffles, bagels, and pancakes as the menu stars. Expect to find maple syrup, drink great bloody Mary’s and brunch to the beat of funky music. Thames 1795 (esq. Costa Rica), Palermo. 4833.9127

Sirop Folie: Located in a charming alley in Recoleta, this French style resto and tea corner offers fantastic pastries and breads, cheeses, and eggs for brunch served both of Saturdays and Sundays. They also offer a 5-course brunch menu including very tasty tapas. Vincent Lopez 1661 Local 12, Tea Restaurant, Recoleta. 4813-5900.

Home Hotel: The home hotel is a great place for vegetarian brunchers as they serve special veggie options, as well as a delicious English breakfast. Plus on a really nice Saturday or Sunday you can sit out in their lovely garden and enjoy  your brunch there. Honduras 5860, Palermo. 4778 1008.