Los 5 mejores bares de vino en Palermo


(Photo by Figures Ambigues)

Palermo es una zona ideal para salir a seducir el paladar con platos de autor acompañados de buen vino, por ejemplo en UCO, el restaurante de Fierro Hotel, donde ofrecemos justamente eso. Sin embargo, el vino se puede disfrutar de muchas formas, y para hacerlo, hay una amplia oferta de bares en la zona para descubrir lo mejor de las bodegas locales en los momentos en los que la boca no está distraída con nuestro menú degustación de siete pasos.


JA! Lo de Joaquín Alberdi: Ubicado en Palermo Soho, esta alegre vinoteca es conocida y aplaudida tanto por sus vinos como por la amabilidad del servicio. Los jueves y viernes ofrecen degustaciones, y en otros días también se pueden coordinar degustaciones privadas a pedido.  Jorge Luis Borges 1772, Palermo Soho.

Pain et Vin: Esta vinería boutique y panadería gourmet es el lugar ideal para dejarse guiar por reconocidos enólogos que saben llevar las narices y los paladares por un amplio recorrido de vinos únicos locales. Gorriti 5132, Palermo Soho.

Autre Monde:  Quienes gustan de los libros y el vino pueden beber y leer en esta vinoteca que comparte espacio con la librería AlamutBorges 1985, Palermo Soho.


Bar du Marché: A la vuelta de Fierro Hotel, este bar ofrece la combinación perfecta de vinos y quesos, al mejor estilo francés. También tiene un restaurante de sushi a puertas cerradas, Omakase, para los fanáticos de la cocina japonesa. Nicaragua 5946, Palermo Hollywood.

Ser y Tiempo: Este bar de vinos que comparte nombre con el famoso tratado de filosofía de Martin Heidegger, ofrece la posibilidad de relajarse a escuchar jazz con una copa de vino en mano. Gorriti 5910,  Palermo Hollywood.

Top 5 Wine Bars in Palermo


(Photo by Figures Ambigues)

Palermo is a great area to wine and dine, and at Fierro‘s restaurant UCO we are keen on offering the best grapes for just that. Wine however is not just a dinner thing, and there are a few lovely bars in the area to sample the local gems when you’re not a mouthful  with our seven course tasting menu.


JA! Lo de Joaquín Alberdi: Located in the trendy Palermo Soho, this lively wine bar has a good reputation for both its wines and friendly service. They offer wine tastings on Thursdays and Fridays, and also, personalized tastings on request. Jorge Luis Borges 1772, Palermo Soho.

Pain et Vin: This boutique wine store and gourmet bakery is also a great place for wine tasting with star oenologists leading noses and palates through an ample range of unique wine varieties. Gorriti 5132, Palermo Soho.

Autre Monde:  If reading and wine is your thing, then this is the spot to shop for both a bottle and a book as the wine bar coexists in the same space with Alamut bookstore. Borges 1985, Palermo Soho.


Bar du Marché: For French style wine-ing with fromage, stop by this charming bar that also has a hidden closed door sushi restaurant called Omakase, and is right around the block from Fierro Hotel.  Nicaragua 5946, Palermo Hollywood.

Ser y Tiempo: Named after the famous philosophy treatise by Martin Heidegger, this wine bar combines Dionysian flavors with jazzy notes and a laid back atmosphere where you can taste boutique Argentine wines. Gorriti 5910,  Palermo Hollywood.

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by Rodrigo Muniz)

Head to the MALBA and check out the Liliana Porter and Elba Bairón exhibits. Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

One Table, the city’s top Monday event, is the best place to start the week with glorious foods, great wines and a chance to share with lovely people. Book your place at 3220-6820.


(Photo by blmurch)

If you’re planning to visit the city center to see the obelisk, or to take a tour of the Colon Theatre, head to the Palacio de Aguas Corrientes (palace of running waters) on Cordoba Avenue and Riobamba first. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm.  Riobamba 750 – 1° Piso. Tel: (54-11) 6319-1104.

Every Tuesday at 7pm throughout January and February, the world’s most famous operas will be screened at the Plaza del Vaticano. So if you’re touring the downtown area, stop by an ice-cream shop and then sit in the park to enjoy! Viamonte and Cerrito Street, downtown.


(Photo by tadophoto)

Take one of the Buenos Aires Histórico Tours led by historians and other humanities graduates from the Buenos Aires University. 4307 8539. buenosaireshistorico@yahoo.com.ar

In the evening, head to Centro Cultural Konex which during the Summer turns into Club 3131 on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm. The club space is perfect for drinks, a bite, and some fun activities like ping-pong, futbol and more. Sarmiento 3131, Abasto.


(Photo by Manuel Maure)

At the starting point of the Paraná delta is the town of Tigre, set on an island lined by small rivers and streams. This rugged location surrounded by nature offers a variety of attractions including canoeing and kayak excursions, trekking, motorboat and commuter boats to take you to different places on the riverside, restaurants, spas, teahouses, picnic sites, a naval museum, an art museum, a mate museum, a casino, a crafts fair and an amusement park.


Stop by the stunning Museo de Arte Decorativo in Recoleta and get to know one of the architectural landmarks of the city, as well as the art of Guillermo Roux that is on display until the 2nd of March.

In the evening, stop by The Steve for some tapas and drinks! El Salvador 4968, Palermo

Saturday and Sunday

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.  info@hgrestaurant.com.ar.

Check out some of the free cultural events taking place around the city as part of the Verano in Buenos Aires program. More information here.

Fierro Loves Soho: Top 5 Restaurants

(Photo by Jonathan_W (@whatie))

Palermo Soho has a very broad range of restaurants to pick from although the tendency is towards joints that prioritize fast and on the go, since it’s a popular area where many a shopper wants to stop for a quick bite. However, there are a few gourmet neighborhood gems for the more demanding palates.

Don Julio– Meat eating whilst you’re visiting Buenos Aires is probably on your plans and Don Julio is the perfect place combining a relaxed homey environment, an amazing wine list and top quality meat. Guatemala 4699, Palermo. 4831-9564.

Nola– New Orleans and Mexican inspired gourmet food that might include fried chicken and crawfish are featured in this closed-door restaurant’s four-course menu feast. More information on how to get the restaurant’s secret coordinates here.

Las Pizarras Bistro- A unique concept is behind the ever-changing dishes determined by what Chef Rodrigo Castillo picks daily from the market. The resulting menu is displayed in the evening on chalk boards (pizarras) promising a singular dinning experience imbued with flavors, freshness and overall quality. Thames 2296, Palermo. 4775-0625.

El Preferido de Palermo- This typical bodegon that has been in Palermo since the 50’s has maintained its traditional style despite the areas modern boom.  The restaurant’s specialty is their potato tortilla, and other Spanish influenced dishes. Borges 2108, Palermo. 4774-6585.

Crizia- Crizia’s specialty are oysters and seafood and the dim lighting and romantic setting, make it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner date.  Gorriti 5143, Palermo. 4831-4979. 

Fierro Loves Soho: Deli Haven

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Since Soho is the Palermo shopping center, it is only to be expected that on the go and quick healthy food be available galore. Stop by any of these spots for a quick sandwich or a salad after a well deserved shopping spree and continue on to the rest of the city sites with your batteries recharged!

Efimero Festín- For a quick sandwich in tasty bread or a salad with many toppings, Efímero Festín is the place to go. They offer top quality gourmet products, plus they have a salad bar to pick your own veggies from, and all in a cozy Palermo style setting.  Uriarte 1411, Palermo.  4831-9867

Pain et Vin- Both a wine boutique and a bakery, this new Palermo venue is the best place to go for a white and yellow carb and cheese course with a red and purple drink to match.   Gorriti 5132, Palermo. 4832-5654.

A´ manger– Amazing cheeses and cold cuts, olives and pickles, as well as unique delicacies such as apple chutney, and all on display are what make this Palermo centered venue charming. A place to either sit and enjoy a great sandwich or to stop by for some takeaway grub on your way to the beautiful Palermo parks. Charcas 4001, Palermo. 

Baraka- This colorful and lively Palermo venue is only open during the day, and despite not serving alcohol is always full, which is a good sign. Their menu includes salads, sandwiches and dishes -such as the lamb burger- with a Middle Eastern spin. They also have a lovely terrace, which is perfect for sunny Spring days.  Gurruchaga 1450, Palermo. 4834-6427

Quimbombó– Overlooking Plaza Armenia in Palermo, this healthy restaurant offers vegetarian cuisine, fresh refreshing juices of all kinds and a lovely terrace to sit outside. Costa Rica 4652, Palermo.

Fierro Loves Soho: Dressing Up

(Photo by Fer.Ribeiro)

Palermo Soho is THE place for shopping in Buenos Aires and an array of super stylish boutiques are lined one after the other in the neighborhood’s fashionable streets.  If you’re out and about looking for the perfect fit of something, or shopping for gifts to take back home, make sure to check out some of the following designers:

Women’s wear:

There are an unlimited amount of stores to pick from for the ladies. Some of the better-known and well-respected designers and fashion houses include Juana de Arco, Mariana Dappiano, Nadine Zlotogora, Agostina Bianchi and Cora Groppo. Other popular more mainstream stores include AY Not Dead (more of a rock n´roll aesthetic), Rapsodia (hippie-chic styles), and Vitamina, Paula Cahen DÁnvers, and Chocolate (more conservative, classic designs).

Men’s wear:

The area also features a great variety of clothes stores for men that include the elegant and understated Hermanos Estebecorena and El Burgués, and the colorful hipster havens Bolivia and Felix. Bensimon and Bowen are also popular, and more mainstream stores in the area


Lucilla Lotti is internationally renowned for her gorgeous shoe designs, as is Josefina Ferroni. Handmade shoes are available at Chicco Ruiz and Mishka.

For men, 28 Sport is the place to go for leather shoes with a retro twist.

Unique fabrics:

Although we’re entering the Summer months in the Southern Hemisphere, those who are traveling back to rainy or cold spots should stop by Seco, which specializes in fashionable rain wear, and at Bully, which specializes in cashmere due to its three owners’ fascination with the fabric. Grupo 134 works with ecological fabrics and features great designs for both men and women.

Fierro Loves Soho: Art Galleries

(Photo by blueraine_tigerseye)

The Soho art scene is vibrant, colorful and alive! Check out the following galleries on your next tour round the Palermo neighborhood and start thinking about Christmas gifts while you’re at it!

Hollywood in Cambodia: Set atop a Palermo bar this hip space specializes in street art and is run by street artists. The gallery produces monthly shows and hosts many art related activities. Thames 1885, 1st floor. Palermo.

Pabellon 4: Founded in 1996 by architects and visual artists this gallery is one of the oldest in the area and received backing from renowned architect Clorindo Testa. Uriarte 1332, Palermo.

Dacil: This contemporary art gallery opened in 2006 and has since been promoting local contemporary art both locally and internationally. Soria 5125, Palermo.

Galeria Mar Dulce: Offers small to medium sized paintings, drawings, engravings and photography. Uriarte 1490, Palermo.

Galeria Thames: This popular Palermo gallery showcases works by both local and international contemporary artists.  Thames 1776, Palermo.

Gachi Prieto Gallery: Seeking to promote local art abroad, this gallery focuses on contemporary Latin American art. Uriarte 1976, Palermo.

Fierro Loves Soho: Interior Design

(Photo by clogette)

The Soho area of Palermo is shoppers’ heaven, and one of the aspects it is strong in is interior design. Argentine design has seen a boom in the last 15 years and has veered towards innovation and creative new tendencies merging art, engineering, and architecture. Soho´s top spots for checking out furniture, lighting and decorations for the home include:

Paul Deco– Pablo Chiappore is a renowned local interior designer and his Palermo centered store is one of the area’s most beautiful spots for interior design and also for stopping for a sip of something in the store’s patio. Gorriti 4865, Palermo. 

Pehache– This is probably one of the most successful design stores in the city and for good reason. The design hotspot is set in a remodeled old Palermo house where every room displays a different style. The cafe in the garden is perfect for unwinding after a long shopping day. Additionally, Pehache regularly hosts different events. This Saturday, they will be celebrating their third birthday with live piano music in the garden. Gurruchaga 1418, Palermo. 

La Mersa- Retro designs inspired in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are La Mersa’s trademark style. Here you will find designer furniture, and mundane objects such as bicycle wheels acquire a whole new dimension. Nicaragua 4835, Palermo. 

Gaby de Grazia- Florid curtains and bedspreads, and a whole section of the store dedicated to babies and children’s rooms makes for the success of this cozy decoration store.  Armenia 1914, Palermo.

Wathemala– This is a cute spot to stop by if you’re looking for decorations and household objects with an antique twist. Grandma style teapots, candleholders and vases are what you’ll find! Guatemala 6090, Palermo.

Violraviol– For super retro accessories such as aprons, tote bags and flowery place mats then head to this sweet spot which will surely inspire you to head home to cook cakes and sugary goods. El Salvador 5894, Palermo.

Buenos Aires Nightlife #2


Getting ready for some weekend fun? The following nightclubs will keep you moving until dawn!

Pacha- One of the biggest clubs in town, Pacha is famous for its Saturday night house and techno dance floor which hosts international and local DJs. The large terrace overlooking the river can be a welcome place for a breath of fresh air after some up beat dancing with the rest of the fashionable and dedicated clubbers. Fridays open at 12, Saturdays from 2AM onwards.

Av. Rafael Obligado 6151, Costanera.

Kika- Recently opened, this trendy club in the heart of Palermo plays a variety of music depending on the night. Wednesdays are dedicated to house and electronic music, Thursdays offer live rock bands, and Fridays and Saturdays mix cachengue and latin beats for a lively night out.  The trendy Kika crowd is over 21.

Kika Club
Honduras 5339, Palermo Soho

Bahrein- Once a bank, this multi-room nightclub in microcentro offers two dance floors; the funky room, which plays more commercial popular music and xss which plays electronic music. Additionally,  The Yellow Bar is also available for dinner and drinks.

Lavalle 345, Microcentro.
Entry age over 18