Barman Fede Cuco at Fierro Hotel

Local celebrity bartender Fede Cuco has embarked on a special adventure. Known as the Cantinero Viajero (Travelling Bartender), he has taken upon paying visits to different bars around the city with a suitcase full of elixirs. This weekend he will be traveling to Fierro Hotel’s Hernán Gipponi Restaurant where he will prepare some of his unique recipes.

The menu will consist of five one-of-a-kind cocktails including a homemade Rob Roy matured in an oak barrel! He will also remind us of the wonders of an old time classic, the Chicago Fizz.  Other delectable drinks to be served include C&C Fizz, Multiple Choice Crusta, and Black & Tan.

Don’t miss this chance to share the stories of your trip with this unique traveler who will be at Fierro Hotel on Friday the 4th, and Saturday the 5th of May from 7pm onwards. Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6800.

Our Dining Picks: Chila

(Photo of Puerto Madero by Leandro´s World Tour)

Soledad Nardelli is the chef in charge of this successful top notch Puerto Madero auteur restaurant where every dish is unique in its combination of flavors and presentation.  Overlooking the docks and with one of a kind details such as the Malbec bread in the bread basket, Chila is one of the best restaurants in the city for its quality, innovative combinations, ambience, service and the impeccable wine list. A foodie favorite, great for a business lunch or dinner, or for enjoying fine dining with a loved one.

Top 5 Restaurants in San Telmo

(Photo by Roberto Berlim)


El Baqueano: The concept behind this successful auteur restaurant is to reincorporate native meats that have been excluded from popular cuisine. Their nine course tasting menu which changes monthly includes innovative dishes made with quail, hare, rhea, alligator, prawns from Puerto Madryn and other local delicacies. A unique approach to the native meat eating culture. El Baqueano-Chile 495,  San Telmo. 4342-0802. Opening Hours: Tue- Sat 8pm-12pm.

Aramburu: Renowned chef Gonzalo Aramburu who brings molecular cooking techniques to the San Telmo scene offers another innovative take on local cuisine. Visually stimulating and delectable, this restaurant is one of the city’s best. Aramburu– Salta 1050, San Telmo. 4305.0439. Tue-Sun 8pm-closing.

Cafe San Juan: Despite its name this is much more than a cafe. The impeccable savory dishes served in this cozy San Telmo favorite has turned it into one of the city classics.  Spanish inspired entrees, fish and seafood, duck and pork are regulars in their small and changing menu. Av. San Juan 450, San Telmo. 4300-1112. Tue-Sun 12-4pm and 8pm-closing.

Caseros: This inviting restaurant on Caseros Avenue will seduce you from the moment you set foot in it. Bright splashes of color from vegetable and fruit centerpieces contrast against the pristine white tablecloths and chairs opening up the appetite to simple but well prepared satisfying dishes with top quality ingredients.  Av. Caseros 486, San Telmo. 4305.0439. Tue-Sat 12-4pm and 8pm-closing.

Vineria Gualterio Bolivar: This auteur restaurant is led by Alejandro Digiglio who after working at Ferran Adria´s El Bulli brings deconstructivist cuisine to Buenos Aires. The vanguard 12, 14 or 16 step tasting menus offered at Vineria are undoubtedly one of a kind! La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar– Bolivar 865, San Telmo.4361-4709. Tue-Sun 12.30-4pm and 9pm-12pm.

Top 10 Things to Do in San Telmo

(Photo by J)

1-    Browse the San Telmo Antique Market. Every Sunday over 10 000 visitors from all over the world stop by this world famous market where treasures and trinkets abound.  Sundays on Plaza Dorrego and Defensa Street.


2-     Visit the many museums in the area and find out more about modern art, puppets, fashion, and the penitentiary.  Museum of Modern Art (MAMBA)Av. San Juan 350. 4342-3001/2970. Puppet Museum (Museo Argentino del Titere)Piedras 905. 4304 4376. Clothing Museum (Museo Nacional del Traje) Chile 832. 4343 8427. Penitentiary Museum- Humberto Primo 378. 4361-0917.


3-    Take a tour of archeological relic El Zanjon de Granados. Its mysterious hallways and tunnels date back to the 1500’s and were discovered under layers of constructions from other historical periods. El Zanjon de GranadosDefensa 755, 4361-3002.


4-    Discover the local art scene by taking a Juanele San Telmo Art Walk- The tour, lasting three hours will show you graffiti, street art, galleries and museums of this colorful neighborhood which so many artist are inspired by.  The walk starts at Balcarce 1150 on Tue-Thur 3pm. Book in advance at 4038 6180. More information here.


5-    Stop for a cup of coffee at one of the charming Bares Notables. The ornate wood and glass, tiled floors and suggestive creaks will transport you to a different time and place. Try Bar el FederalCarlos Calvo 559. 4300-4313, El Hipopotamo-Avenida Brasil 401. 4300 8450, and  Cafe DorregoDefensa 1908. 4361-0141.


6-    People watch at Plaza Dorrego. Live music, sensual tango dancers, artisans and all surrounded by cobblestones and cafes are the reason why this Plaza is one of the San Telmo landmarks.


7-    Eat local food at a traditional restaurant. Try homemade meals at Lezama, which has been a neighborhood classic for 80 years Brasil 349. 4361-0114, share a table in Cafe San Juan, famous for its top quality food and friendly atmosphere Av. San Juan 450. 4300-1112, or have a big tasty “milanesa” in soccer-flag clad Manolo- Bolivar 1299. 4307-8743.


8-    Watch the Evita Vive show, a staged recreation of Evita’s life with music, and dancing.  Moreno 364. 6091 2092.  


9-    Go for some live music to La Trastienda, a small intimate music theatre with great acoustics where local and international talents play jazz, classical, reggae, blues, and rock. Balcarce 460. 4342 7650.


10-   Bar hop until the early dawn. Try Doppelganger for top quality cocktails and glamour –Av. Juan de Garay 500. 4300-0201, Gibraltar for draught beer, great curries and a laid-back atmosphere –Peru 895. 4632-5310, or La Puerta Roja for boisterous lat night partying –Chacabuco 733. 4362-5649.

Our Dining Picks: Green Bamboo

(Photo by azotesdivinos)

The Vietnamese identify five flavors; salty, sweet, bitter, spicy and sour,  which Taoist tradition aims to combine harmoniously as nature combines the elements of fire, earth, metal, wood and water.  This culinary philosophy is what Green Bamboo has adopted for their exotic Vietnamese-fusion menu. The warm and inviting atmosphere with low tables and dim lighting complete the enjoyment of dining and the creative drinks from their great bar must be sampled!

Green Bamboo

Costa Rica 5802, Palermo


Open evening from 8.30pm


Our Dining Picks: Oviedo

This upscale Spanish restaurant in the Recoleta area is one of the top dining options the city has to offer. The fish is superb as is the lamb, the baby and the excellent wine list and service. The classic setting, the freshness of the ingredients and the savory cuisine make Oviedo an unquestionable top choice for gourmet dinning in Buenos Aires.


Beruti 2606, Recoleta