Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

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One of the most spectacular views of the city can be found at the ecologic reserve behind Puerto Madero. This spot of nature in the city has a curious story that began with humans taking over the river´s shore.

At first, from 1918-1950 the area was used for bathing. There was not much more than the river and its banks. Then, the water became contaminated and it could no longer be used for freshening up in the summer so, in the 70´s, it was decided that it would be conditioned to build the city´s administrative center. To do so, the land was reclaimed from the river. The project was abandoned in the 80´s and when nature realized humans had no use for it, it decided to colonize the rubble filled banks that regularly flooded. The area became covered in water hyacinths and soon birds and other wildlife made it their home. In 1989 it was finally declared an ecologic reserve.

Nowadays the ecologic reserve is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday and can be toured on weekends from 9.30am-4pm. One Friday a month, the closest to a full moon, a nocturnal tour of the reserve is organized. To participate you must call to sign up on the previous Monday. Below is the list of the remaining scheduled nocturnal tours for 2012.

Sign-Up Date Nocturnal Tour
02-April-2012 06-April-2012
30-April-2012 04-May-2012
28-May-2012 01-June-2012
02-July-2012 06-July-2012
30-July-2012 03-August-2012
24-September-2012 28-September-2012
22-October-2012 26-October-2012
26-November-2012 30-November-2012
24-December-2012 28-December-2012

Contact details:

Av. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1550, Puerto Madero

4893-1588/ 4893 -1597 interno 108

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8am-6pm

This Week in Buenos Aires


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One of the architectural landmarks of the city is the famous Palacio Barolo. Construction of this regal building full of references to poet Dante Alighieri began in 1919 for what was to be the tallest structure in Latin America. Guided tours are available Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm and evening guided tours on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 8.30pm includes tasting of an awarded wine and a national delicacy.

Once a Beatle and still a star, the famous Ringo will be playing at the Luna Park Stadium tonight . Tickets here.


Palacio Barolo

Av de Mayo 1370 9° P. Esc. 249/52

Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4381-1885


Luna Park

Av. Madero 420, Downtown




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Lots of Mexican themed activities will be held in Buenos Aires this month. Amongst them is the exhibit on Mexican deities and rituals “Dioses, ritos y oficios” being held at Fundación Proa.

In the evening head to the chic ¨Le Bar¨ for some great drinks and 50s-70s music starting at 10pm.


Fundacion Proa

Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca



Le Bar

Tucuman 422, Downtown




(Photo by Shayne Kaye)

Take a free tour of Buenos Aires with Jonathan, an Englishman in love with the city. Tours start every day at 11am at the center of Plaza Italia by the Garibaldi Horse monument and cover the areas of Almagro, Congress and the Plaza de Mayo using local transport to get around. More information here.

Soundgarden and Audioslave front man, Chris Cornell, brings his solo tunes to the Gran Rex Theatre for a unique acoustic show.  Tickets here.


Gran Rex Theatre

Av Corrientes 857, Downtown




(Wine by timsnell)

Find our more about the country’s ethnographic heritage at the Museo Etnografico.

Later on Book your place for the Fierro Hotel’s Thursday wine tasting and sample some great Argentine wines, chosen by the president of the Argentine sommelier association Andres Rosberg and in-house Sommelier Martin Bruno.  Tastings cost 25 USD per person and are limited to 7 people.


Museo Etnografico

Moreno 350, San Telmo


Open: Tue-Fri 1pm- 7pm. Weekends 3pm-7pm.


Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires

Soler 5862, Palermo




(Photo by diego3336)

Start the day late by having an upscale lunch at Chila in Puerto Madero. Whilst in the area check out Buque Museo Fragata, a frigate commissioned by the navy in 1898 to be used as a training vessel.

Later on in the evening take the guided nocturnal tour of the ecologic reserve that occurs once a month, on full moons. To take the tour you must book your place on Monday the 7th of November.



Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160- Puerto Madero



Buque Museo Fragata Sarmiento

Next to “Puente de la Mujer”

Phone: 11/4334-9386


Reserva Ecológica

Av. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1550 Costanera Sur

Teléfonos: 4893-1640/1580


Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by TheAlieness GisellaGiardino)

On Saturday night the city museums will be open to the public and will be staging special musical events as well as offering access to their exhibits. More information here.

Creamfields: The best electronic party of the year brings Groove Armada, John Didweed, Sven Bath, and Pete Tong amongst others to the dance floor on Saturday at the Autodromo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Tickets here.

Renowned Argentine musician and composer Chango Spasiuk returns to Buenos Aires after two years of absence to bring back traditional songs to the stage of the Opera Citi Theatre on Saturday. Tickets here.

Join the Russian Celebrations at Avenida de Mayo on Sunday and participate in the dances, music and food of this unique country.

There is a Place.

There is a place minutes away from Downtown Buenos Aires where you can enjoy Nature and get the best views of the city’s skyline. That place is called “Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur”. A great example of an ecosystem that naturally emerged from deposits of rubble for the construction of a highway in the 70s and 80s is a great place for birdwatching within minutes of the city.

Photo – lrargerich