Buenos Aires Agenda: March/Marzo 2018


BAF Week 2018

PH: jasleen_kaur

BUENOS AIRES FASHION WEEK will be taking place from the 1st to the 9th of March and showing all the new fall-winter 2018 trends!

BAF WEEK se lleva a cabo la primera semana de marzo, del 1 al 9, con todas las tendencias que se vienen esta temporada de otoño-invierno 2018!

The COLÓN THEATRE kicks off with its 2018 program of operas, orchestras, experimental acts and ballet. Book tickets to any of the theatre’s shows here. 

El TEATRO COLÓN inaugura su programa de óperas, orquestas, funciones experimentales y ballet para el 2018. Las entradas se pueden adquirir aquí. 

The LOLLAPALOOZA FESTIVAL will be taking place from the 16th to the 18th of March with a line up that includes Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana del Rey, amongst others. Find all of the upcoming rock concerts here.

FESTIVAL LOLLAPALOOZA del 16 al 18 de marzo se lleva a cabo el festival Lollapalooza en el que se presentan Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, y Lana del Rey entre otros. Puede encontrar una programación completa de recitales y música en vivo aquí.

UCO Restaurant

Happy Hour- UCO Restaurant

Special UCO Happy Hour Promo for InsideBA readers: Throughout March you can stop by our happy hour from 5.30-7.30pm and enjoy 2 cocktails for $180. As a gift to our readers we will be serving a complimentary empanada tapa. You will need to tell the waiter that you are a blog reader and answer the following question: what is the typical corn and bechamel empanada called? (You can find the answer here). 
Promo Happy Hour UCO- promo especial para lectores de insideBA: Todos los días de 17.30-19.30pm los invitamos al Happy Hour de UCO, donde pueden disfrutar de 2 tragos x $180. Durante el mes de marzo los lectores de insideBA además recibirán unas empanaditas de muzzarella, albahaca y tomates secos de cortesía. Para hacerlo, deberán decirle al camarero que son lectores del blog y responder la siguiente pregunta: ¿Qué nombre tienen las empanadas rellenas de choclo y salsa blanca? (Respuesta aquí). 



Forced Labor by Liliana Porter/ PH: Michael Galpert

The MALBA inaugurates an photography exhibit on the 8th of March on the topic of peronism as seen through the lens of artist Sara Facio. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

El MALBA inaugura el 8 de marzo una muestra de fotografía que retrata el peronismo a través del lente de la artista Sara Facio. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

Until April, the MNBA fine arts museum is spotlighting women artists in a special exhibit dedicated to them and also renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Hasta Abril, el MNBA pone a las artistas mujeres en foco con una muestra especial dedicada a ellas, y también continúa con la exposición del reconocido escultor, Auguste Rodin. 

FUNDACIÓN PROA is showcasing a special exhibit of Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei’s work until April.

FUNDACIÓN PROA tiene exhibición una muestra especial que finaliza en abril de la obra del artista chino Ai Wei Wei. 


Buenos Aires Valentine Day Options to Indulge your Senses

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Tuesday and Buenos Aires is the perfect city for romance! Below, our suggestions for you to splurge, delight in and explore with your lover, or to spark up a conversation with someone new.



PH: Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina

For an alternative Valentine’s date, take a Foto Ruta Photography Tour and discover the city together while capturing snapshots on the way!

If you’re into art, or even if you’re not, stop by the MNBA (National Fine Arts Museum) in the French Style Recoleta neighborhood and find as many love stories as you can in the artworks. Av. Libertador 1473, Recoleta



PH: Kevin Dooley

For those that don’t feel like slow dancing but feel like dancing anyway, don’t miss the La Grande orchestra that kicks off its 2017  repertoire this Tuesday alongside Villa Diamante at 8pm. Santos 4040, Villa Crespo 

Those who want to jazz up the evening can stop by Bebop Club in San Telmo which will be hosting a Woody Allen jazz night from 9pm onwards. Moreno 364, San Telmo. 



PH: Philip Edmondson

To indulge in the sense of smell, stop by Fueguia, a unique perfume lab where you can sample unique scents and maybe pick out a perfume for your beloved. Av. Alvear 1680, Recoleta. 

Wine is both an indulgence for the nose and for the palate, plus it’s a great for a date. Stop by the Gran Bar Danzón wine bar, or head to Bar du Marché‘s new venue in Nicaragua 6002 in Palermo which will open on Monday the 13th. Otherwise, ask one of the UCO som’s to guide you through the restaurant’s great wine list!



At UCO you can also pamper your significant other with a special Valentine’s Tasting Menu which is bound to be better than love itself. Book in advance! Soler 5862, Palermo

You can also kill two birds with one stone at Florería Atlántico which is both a flower shop and a great dining spot! Arroyo 972, Retiro



PH: BeGreen_Studio

If you want to get away for the day, head to the Delta Eco Spa in Tigre where you can explore a unique location plus get a massage. Río Carapachay 605, Tigre