New in Town: Rey de Copas

September has brought a new French restaurant and welcoming tapas bar  to the Palermo Scene.  Although still in its initial opening phase, Rey de Copas is already making a name for itself.

At the front of the spacious venue is the restaurant, in charge of Alex Sourou who was the talent behind the hidden and well-reputed Les Anciens Combattants. The celebrated chef is known for his classic French cuisine, attention to detail, and for his friendly manners.

At the back is the impressive bar and lounge area which stands out for its ethnic decor and artistic quota, brought by the venue’s owner, artist Sebastian Paez Vilaró.  The bar serves cocktails and French inspired tapas (think delicious home made paté) and meanwhile entertains the eye with its unique objects, such as trumpets, Venetian marionettes, and art work. Gorriti 5176, Palermo / T. 2068-5220