Our Dining Picks: Oviedo

This upscale Spanish restaurant in the Recoleta area is one of the top dining options the city has to offer. The fish is superb as is the lamb, the baby and the excellent wine list and service. The classic setting, the freshness of the ingredients and the savory cuisine make Oviedo an unquestionable top choice for gourmet dinning in Buenos Aires.


Beruti 2606, Recoleta


Our Dining Picks: Rotiseria Miramar

(Boquerones by BocaDorada)

In the heart of the traditional tango barrio of Boedo, this charming traditional “rotiserĂ­a” offers typical Spanish influenced Argentine food. A good wine selection completes their tasty menu. We recommend you try their oysters, cheese and cold cuts, amazing boquerones, and rabbit amongst other delicacies.
San Juan 1999 Boedo ,
Tue-Sun 12am-4pm- 8pm-1am