Tonight All Night-La Noche en Vela

Those of us lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires this weekend will be able to enjoy an atipical Saturday all nighter insipired by the french ¨Nuit Blanche.¨ Free activities ranging from 3D mapping proyections, to live music, outdoor theatre, contemporary dance, acrobats, angels, fireworks and book readings will be held in the landmarks of Buenos Aires throught the whole night from 7pm to 7am in the morning. Highlights to check out include a 3D mapping in the recoleta cementary, theatre in Palacio Barolo and the Botanical Gardens, the Moscu Symphonic Orchestra at the Obelisco, amongst many others that you can check out here. Aditionally, tour buses will be working all night and special promotions will be offered by restaurants, cafes and bars which will extend their opening hours!