FIBA VIII International Theatre Festival

(Photo by Fifi LePew)

Every two years the city stages receive special guests from around the world who come to Buenos Aires to participate in the international theatre festival. Both local and international plays are staged in various theatres presenting the best of both classic and avant garde performances.

This years repertoire brings plays from Germany, Italy, France, Burkina Faso, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay as well as presenting a large selection of Argentine plays.

All plays are carried out in their original language with Spanish subtitles, some are dance choreographies, and others experimental representations including video projections, music and puppets.


Some interesting options include

Las cajas voyeuristas:  An urban intervention by the Mexican Dora García who stages scenes of forgotten women of Mexican history inside “voyeur boxes” that spectators peek into.

Médeé: This coo production between France and Burkina Faso directed by Jean-Louis Martinelli brings an adaptation of the Greek classic focusing on the themes of exile and the strengths of African culture.

Une Flute Enchanteé: Mozart’s famous opera is adapted by Peter Brook and turned into this magical musical play that has earned itself a 2011 Moliere Award.

De Fierro- Puppet representation for adults of the Argentine classic Martin Fierro.

Hombre Rebinado by Margarita Ball is a virtual play that is carried out through a video projection of bodies over real objects.

More information about the festival, programming and tickets here.