This Week: 3rd to 9th of August



(Photo by Ignacio Sanz)

Fierro Hotel is kicking off the month with a renovated façade that showcases the work of talented local street artists. Want to see more? The unexpectedly warm winter weather is perfect for strolling the city streets on one of Graffitimundo’s tours which will show you the who is who and the whereabouts of Argentine street art.  More information here.

In the afternoon, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, you can stop by the Fierro Hotel garden and grab a couple of cocktails at the new UCO after office event! 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

You can also head to the Centro Cultural Konex where famous percussion group, La Bomba del Tiempo, will be carrying out their Monday show starting at 7pm. Sarmiento 3151, Almagro.

For some great post-dancing fugazzeta pizza, go to the nearby Los Cocos. Av Córdoba 3303, Almagro



(Photo by Sam Verhaert)

The new exhibit at the MNBA (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) features indigenous art from Paraguay. Av. del Libertador 1473, Recoleta.

And while on the topic of Paraguay, practice Spanish and try some mate, a typical drink inherited from the Guaraní culture, at the Tuesday Mate Conversation Club that starts at 6.30pm. Sign up at . Uruguay 862, downtown.



(Photo by Carolina Bello)

If you’re in the San Telmo area, stop by the Ethnographic museum and learn more about the Argentine indigenous community. Moreno 350, San Telmo.

Later on, stop by the Centro Cultural Recoleta and catch one of the stunning Fuerza Bruta shows. Tickets here. 


The Museo de Arte Hispanoaméricano Isaac Fernandez Blanco, located in the stunning Palacio Noel, is featuring a special retrospective of Ecuadorian photographer Hugo Cifuentes.  Suipacha 1422, downtown.

In the evening, the first performance of Antidiaspora, featuring music by Argentine musicians developed in France, will be taking place at the Colón Theatre. Functions will be taking place on the 6th, 7th and 8th of August. Tickets here.



(Photo by Filipe Fortes)

Expect Summery warm weather on Friday and make sure to stop by one of our recommended spots for ice-cream after spending the day outdoors!

In the evening, the first performance of Antidiaspora, featuring music by Argentine musicians developed in France, will be taking place at the Colón Theatre. Functions will be taking place on the 6th, 7th and 8th of August. Tickets here.

Saturday and Sunday

las nereidas

(Photo by Ignacio Sanz)

Book your place at UCO´s unique weekend brunch, now revamped with an Irish version as well! 3220-6800Soler 5862, Palermo.

For an off the beaten path outing, check out the Caballito neighborhood and stop by Parque Rivadavia where the Buenos Aires Market gourmet food fair will be taking place throughout the weekend. Av. Rivadavia 4800, Caballito.

Head to the Ecological Reserve behind Puerto Madero and look for the stunning monument La Fuente de las Nereidas which depicts the birth of Venus, and was sculpted by Lola Mora, one of Argentina’s most renowned women artists.

You can also stop by the Palermo Rosedal where you can rent paddle boats to cruise the small lake alongside the ducks, and visit the Sivori Museum, which offers free tours in English and German on Saturdays at 3pm and 5pm! Av. Infanta Isabel 555, Palermo.

Fierro Loves Soho: Art Galleries

(Photo by blueraine_tigerseye)

The Soho art scene is vibrant, colorful and alive! Check out the following galleries on your next tour round the Palermo neighborhood and start thinking about Christmas gifts while you’re at it!

Hollywood in Cambodia: Set atop a Palermo bar this hip space specializes in street art and is run by street artists. The gallery produces monthly shows and hosts many art related activities. Thames 1885, 1st floor. Palermo.

Pabellon 4: Founded in 1996 by architects and visual artists this gallery is one of the oldest in the area and received backing from renowned architect Clorindo Testa. Uriarte 1332, Palermo.

Dacil: This contemporary art gallery opened in 2006 and has since been promoting local contemporary art both locally and internationally. Soria 5125, Palermo.

Galeria Mar Dulce: Offers small to medium sized paintings, drawings, engravings and photography. Uriarte 1490, Palermo.

Galeria Thames: This popular Palermo gallery showcases works by both local and international contemporary artists.  Thames 1776, Palermo.

Gachi Prieto Gallery: Seeking to promote local art abroad, this gallery focuses on contemporary Latin American art. Uriarte 1976, Palermo.

Top 5 Art Tours in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Toni Blay)

San Telmo Art & History Walk: The perfect way to learn the who is who and what is what of San Telmo’s art-ridden streets. The three-hour walk includes a tour of both the street art and galleries; a great way to get to know the current Buenos Aires art scene whilst getting to know the charm of San Telmo neighborhood. More information here.

Graffitimundo:  This off the beaten path tour of the city streets aims to promote the booming urban art scene in Buenos Aires. Those interested in learning more about the local street art and the political and social context that is behind it should definitely pick this great option to get to know another side of Buenos Aires. More information on meeting points and prices here.

Foto Ruta: Professional photographer Jocelyn Mandrake and her associate Becky Hayes have taken tourist photography to a whole new level on their Saturday Foto Ruta tours.  What they propose is to get to know the city from another point of view, taking their travelers through off the beaten path locations and setting creative guidelines for the photographs to explore from a new perspective. More information on upcoming tours here.

Artist Atelier Tour: Meeting the artists and catching a glimpse of what their workspace is like and what they’re currently working on is one of the perks of these private tours which take you into the ateliers of four artists ending in a light lunch.  Book your place here.

Crème de la Crème: Whether it’s design, vintage finds or local art crème de la crème knows where it’s.  Their art scene tour takes you through the who is who of emerging and established argentine artists. More information here.

BAF Week Spring-Summer 2012/2013

(Photo by Firesam!)

As spring approaches so do new the new trends for the colorful and bright warmer seasons.  BAF week brings us everything new in the world of fashion and with a unique theme this edition that combines fashion with street art.

From the 7th to the 10th of August Garza Lobos teams up with Jaz, Juana de Arco with Pum Pum, Vicki Otero with Consuelo Vidal, Mariana Dappiano with Luna Portnoi, Cora Groppo with Natalia Molinero, Rudbeckia with Tian Dink and Jessica Trosman with Lean Frizzera. The results are colorful explosions of unique prints and lines.

Most runway shows will be taking place at La Rural from 1pm to 10pm. There will also be runway shows by invitation only at Paseo Alcorta, and the Semillero UBA runway show at Paseo Alcorta on Friday at 3pm which is open to the public and showcases upcoming designers. Tickets to La Rural are 30pesos for the day or 80pesos with preferential seating.

Some of the recommended shows include:

Juana de Arco– Tuesday 7pm. Presenting a collection full of prints and neon colors inspired by spray paint.

Vero Ivaldi– Wednesday 7pm. Presenting a collection that represents the idea of movement taken from the Muybridge studies, and frame-by-frame cinematography.

Fabian Zitta– Thursday 8pm. Presenting a collection for men and women inspired by the movements of water.

Garza Lobos-Thursday 9pm. Presenting a collection inspired in John Hubley, Paul Gauguin, and the Hungarian Herend porcelain.

Mariana Dappiano- Friday 6pm. Presenting a collection full of colorful references to confetti and party favors.

The full schedule can be found here.

Ciudad Emergente Festival 2012

(Photo by dmgrl!)

From the 6th to the 10th of June the Ciudad Emergente Festival will take place in the Centro Cultural Recoleta showcasing emerging art and music.The event, which will feature three stages for live shows, will also include street, digital and interactive art displays, theatre, poetry, dance, stand-up, photography, film and more.

This year´s Ciudad Emergente will also be putting an emphasis on fashion with several runway shows and an innovative on-location hair salon for the brave who dare to try a new look.

There will also be free tickets to the acclaimed Hombre Vertiente show, an experimental performance including acrobatics, special lighting and interaction with the public, directed by Pichón Baldinu, one of the De La Guarda founders. A maximum of two tickets  per person will be handed out at 8pm on the days of the performance until maximum capacity is reached.

 The festival is free of charge and takes place from 2pm to 11pm at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, next to the Recoleta cemetry. Find the full program here. Junin 1930, Recoleta.

We Recommend: Graffitimundo Tours

(Photo by dandeluca)

Street art has become increasingly popular in cities worldwide and has resignified art by brining it out of the academic context and into the city for every passer-by to see. Buenos Aires of course, with it’s flourishing artistic and design community,  is no exception, and it is common to find stunning visuals painted onto once forgotten walls of the different neighborhoods, which thanks to the intervention of young and cutting edge artists have recovered their appeal.

Aiming to promote the urban art scene in Buenos Aires, Graffitimundo offers off the beaten path tours of the city’s street art. Group tours, Bike tours and Private tours are available for those interested in learning more about these unique murals and the political and social context behind them.  For those looking to get involved in the creative process itself they offer a great stencil workshop as well.

More information on Graffitimundo tours, workshops and local street artists here.

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by manu contreras)

For those of you interested in economics and Argentine economic history, head to the Museum of External Debt where you can find out more about the economic evolution of the country. Audio guides in English are offered.

Later on head to Doppelganger Bar in San Telmo for some of the city’s best drinks and atmosphere.


Museum of External Debt

José E. Uriburu 781, 1st floor, Downtown.


Open: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm


Doppelganger Bar

Juan de Garay 500, San Telmo

4300 0201



(Photo by Ignacio Sanz)

Buenos Aires Gastronomic Week is here and many activities such as free outdoor cooking lessons amongst others are on the schedule. On Wednesday tour the city’s pizzerias and try your favorite slices at the very best venues in town. More information on participating pizzerias and Buenos Aires Gastronomic week here.

In the evening the spectacular Chinese circus group, Sky Mirage, will be staging a show at the Opera Citi Theatre. Tickets here.


Opera Citi Theatre

Avenida Corrientes 860, Downtown




Take a guided tour of the San Martin theatre to get a behind the scenes feel of a theatre production. Tours in English are available from Tuesdays to Fridays at 12noon.

Later on Book your place for the Fierro Hotel’s Thursday wine tasting and sample some great Argentine wines, chosen by the president of the Argentine sommelier association Andres Rosberg and in-house Sommelier Martin Bruno.  Tastings cost 25 USD per person and are limited to 7 people.


San Martin Theatre

Avenida Corrientes 1530, Downtown



Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires

Soler 5862, Palermo




(Photo by blmurch)

The Villa O Campo in the Neighborhood of San Isidro in the outskirts of Buenos Aires brought together intellectuals and renowned twentieth century authors. Tours of the home and gardens are offered from Thursday to Sundays where you an also sit down for tea and scones in the afternoon.

In the evening, legendary guitarist and songwriter Eric Clapton will be gracing the stage of the River Plate Stadium at XPM. Tickets here.


Villa O Campo

Elortondo 1811, Beccar.



River Plate Stadium

Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7597, Nuñez



Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by Chechi Pe)

The Palais de Glace in Recoleta was once an ice skating rink, then a dance hall and now destined to art exhibitions. Tours of the exhibits are offered every Saturday from 4-5pm and aim to promote the understanding and discussion of art. Posadas 1725, Recoleta. 4804 -1163.

Take one of Landing Pad’s Graffiti Biking Tours on Sundays at 1pm and discover the streets of Buenos Aires and its hidden street art. More information here.

Deep Purple has been rocking since the 60’s and considerately visits the large community of local fans every few years, this time at the Luna Park Stadium on both Saturday and Sunday. Av. Madero 420, Downtown. 5279-5279. Tickets here.

Off the Beaten Path: San Telmo Art Walk


San Telmo is usually associated with antiques and local tradition, however it is also one of the contemporary artistic epicenters of the city. Graffiti, street art and up and coming galleries are scattered on the blocks of this historical ´barrio.´

The San Telmo Art Walk is offered by Juanele every Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm and guides you through the who is who and what is what of these art ridden streets. The three hour walk includes a tour of both the street art and galleries. A great way to get to know the current Buenos Aires art scene whilst getting to know it´s charming old-style San Telmo neighborhood.

Meeting point: CCEBA, Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires, Balcarce 1150 in San Telmo. Tuesday and Thursday 3 PM.