5 New Restaurants with International Flavor

(Photo by BocaDorada)

Mullu– This Peruvian restaurant’s motto is “food for the gods” (and goddesses of course!) and the fresh lemon marinated fish, passion fruit desserts and piscos, certainly make it seem like a piece of heaven.  Pasaje Ricardo Rojas 451, Downtown. 4311-2812.

Boteco do Brazil This friendly canteen-type spot offers authentic and tasty Brazilian food in a relaxed atmosphere that even includes live music on Sundays. A spot for caipirinhas and Latin flavor!  Bonpland 1367, Palermo. 4776-4806.

I Latina This closed-door Colombian restaurant offers 5-step tasting menus that change each week and bring out some aspect of Latin American flavor, with a strong Colombian influence. The restaurant is set in a beautiful old renovated house in Villa Crespo and is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays for dinner. Reservations must be made in advance. More information here.   4857- 9095.

Matsuoka– Chef Juan Matsuoka, in charge of the delicious Japanese cuisine at Irifurne, opened this new venue in Almagro promising more great sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes.  Sanchez de Bustamante 1027, Almagro. 4861-4913.

Chipper- Irish lass Susan Kennedy was in need of some familiar fish & chips in Buenos Aires and had no where to find them so she set up her own biz and now offers a great selection of fried salmon, sole and cod, with delicious sauces for the crispy chips to match. Humbodlt 1893, Palermo. 4777-6760.

Wine and Cheese at Bar du Marché

(Photo by Weiko)

Cozy and Palermo centered, Bar du Marché is a great spot to sip wine, nibble cheese and watch out the window at the passers by or the dripping rain. As its name implies, the wine-bar/bistro is French inspired and has a great wine and cheese selection as well as café food (best to go for the wine and cheese).

Additionally, a mysterious staircase leads to a closed door Japanese restaurant for up to 12 people where the chef is in charge of seducing his customers with 5 course sushi-filled dinners. Nicaragua 5946, Palermo. 4778-1050.