5 Ways to Experience Tango in BA


PH: Zabara Alexander

With the Tango Festival and World Cup in full swing (more information here) ’tis the season to glamour up and get into the tango groove. Whether you’re more for the dance or for the music, here are our suggestions of 5 ways to experience tango while you’re in BA!

Take a tango class

Those that like to experience through participation will love learning the basics of this renowned Argentine dance, or taking their skills further with some lessons. Some suggestions are taking a class with Lucía and Gerry or heading to La Catedral in Almagro where you can stay on dancing the night away after learning your moves!

Watch a tango show

For those that prefer to watch and enjoy a meal, the city is full of tango shows to choose from. Café Los Angelitos and Piazzolla Tango at the Galería Güemes are great traditional spots, Gala Tango is another great option, otherwise Faena’s Rojo Tango is well known as an extravagant and all out experience.

Do a tango tour

To get to know the circuit of city milongas, which are the tango dance saloons, your best bet is a tango tour. Some options include Tango Streets,  Narrative Tango and Tango Trips.

Listen to live tango

If tango music is more to your liking than the dance itself, then you should definitely stop by for a drink at El Boliche de Roberto in Almagro or at Café Vinilo. For a more alternative experience, head to Club Atlético Fernández Fierro (CAFF) to watch a live tango orchestra. 

Shop for tango records

If you want to take back home a tango vinyl record, head to  Parque Centenario to browse the Sunday fair, or head to Tango Cerouno which is near the Recoleta cemetery.

Top Tango Venues in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Christian Haugen)

If you’re visiting Buenos Aires chances are tango is on your agenda. Of course due to the popularity of this music genre and dance there are innumerable places to go to for live music, dancing, and tango shows. We’ve put some of them together to point you in the right direction.

Tango Shows

Complejo Tango: Complejo Tango is one of the most popular tango shows in the city and for good reason. They offer superb tango as part of their show, and also a tango lesson prior to it, plus, the food is good.  Av. Belgrano 2608, Buenos. Aires. 4941-1119. reservas@complejotango.com.ar

Rojo Tango: This stunning and intimate show is set in the flamboyant Faena Hotel and is one of the best, albeit pricy, tango shows in the city. For those who like elaborate costumes and choreographies, then this is the place. Faena Hotel & Universe.  Martha Salotti 445, 5787-1536.

Piazzolla Tango: A treasure cove of mischief and distorted fantasies, the basement of the Pasaje Guemes, with its cabaret, theatre and restaurant, has charmed its eclectic public during the 1920′s throughout the 50′s. Now a days Piazzolla Tango offers the chance to visit the beautiful interior of the cabaret, theatre and restaurant whilst serving dinner and staging great tango shows! San Martin 170 // Florida 165, downtown. 4344 8201.


Confitería La Ideal: This beautiful confiteria is one of the oldest in the city. Built in the early 1900’s it is graced with high ceilings, vitrauxs, chandeliers, a marble staircase and an old lift reminiscent of a past magnificence. The gorgeous coffee house is also one of the nicest places to go for tango lessons, live tango shows and milongas. Suipacha 380, Downtown, 5265-8069

Salon Canning: For those who are looking for a more authentic and local tango experience, then an evening at Salon Canning should definitely be on the agenda. This Palermo centered milonga is THE place where local tango veterans dance the night away. Scalabrini Ortiz 1331, Palermo. 4826-8351

La Catedral: This somewhat grungy alternative tango hall in Almagro is popular amongst the younger more laid back tango crowds which start the night early with a tango class and then dance the night away into the early dawn. The ample space, the mismatched chairs, the Carlos Gardel shrine add to its appeal whiles its vegetarian restaurant is loved by some and hated by others (eating can always happen else where at the nearby Pierino for example, a family restaurant owned by Italians). All in all, a great place to take a tango lesson and dance all night afterwards in a laid back and fun atmosphere. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro. 155-325-1630.

Live Tango Music

Los 36 Billares: This traditional cafe on Av. De Mayo is an old city treasure that regularly stages tango shows for its local and foreign guests. Also close by is the famous Cafe Tortoni, where shows are also occasionally staged. Av. De Mayo 1265, Downtown,  5353-6670 info@los36billares.com.

El Bar de Roberto: Gardel and other tango-passionates frequented this traditional bar, which was bought by a Spaniard from Asturias in the 1930s. Now a days it’s still kept as in the day, with the same bottles adorning the walls and late night live tango sessions to charm the intimate and usually crowded bar. Bulnes 331, Almagro. 4862-0415

Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro: This youthful and energetic tango orchestra delivers an alternative tango sound at many local popular venues. They are well worth taking into consideration both for the tango and the cool vibe of their shows.


If watching tango dancers out in the fresh air is more to your liking, then you can find talent on San Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego on Sundays. You can also find milongas and tango lessons at La Glorieta in the Belgrano neighborhood where a more local crowd gather to dance under a charming arbor.