Tango Festival and World Championship 2012

(Photo by femuruy)

One of the most important cultural events of the year, the Tango Festival and World Championship, kicks off today, promising for a full two weeks of traditional porteño music and dancing. The festival, which will be inaugurated today at La Usina del Arte with a special presentation at 8pm by Pablo Agri and la Orquesta Típica Sub25, will display both traditional and contemporary tango until the 28th of August.

Some of the participating venues include the Centro de Exposiciones, where dance lessons, world dance championship, a Piazzolla music program, and most of the tango concerts will take place; La Usina del Arte, in La Boca, where there will be a special program of acoustic tango concerts, as well as parties and “Milonga Raves”; the Anfiteatro del Parque Centenario, where various tango shows will take place, the Teatro Regio, in Chacarita; the Luna Park, where the tango dance world championship finals will take place, and the Colón Theatre, where there will be a special presentation by TangoContempo on the 20th of August. Additionally, there will be a product fair and permanent exhibition of Piazzolla in the Centro de Exposiciones from the 15th to the 26th of August.

Some of the recommended events for the 2012 Tango Festival and World Championship include the Usina del Arte parties, where there will be remixes of electronic tango and late night dancing during the weekend from 8pm onwards; Gabriel Senanes Trio‘s Tango Monstrosos debut, with Pablo Agri, Pipi Piazzolla and Pedro Aznar as guests; the TangoContempo concert at the Colón Theatre on the 20th of August; the tango dancing world championship rounds, of course, and also, on Sunday the 26th of August the special tango dance shows that will be held at the Centro de Exposiciones from 2.30pm onwards.

The full program is available here.

Tickets to all the events are free of charge and for the Centro de Exposiciones, Anfiteatro del Parque Centenario, and Teatro Regio will be available on a first come first serve basis before the shows. Tickets (a maximum of two per person) for the Usina del Arte will be handed out with the following criteria: for shows starting at 5.30pm, tickets must be picked up at 2pm, for shows starting from 6pm onwards, tickets will be available at 5pm, and tickets are not required for the Usina parties. The tickets for the opening concert are being raffled by facebook. Tickets (again only two per person) for the Teatro Colón show will be available at the Centro de Exposiciones box office on Saturday the 18th of August from 11am. The Luna Park tickets for the dance finals will be available on Monday the 20th of August from 11am at the box office of the Centro de Exposiciones following the same two per person criteria.