The 15 Argies in the Top 50

Restaurant magazine annually choses the world’s 50 best restaurants, Asia’s 50 best and Latin America’s 50 best.  Their method for choosing consists in compiling the opinions of over 250 restaurant industry experts and voting on the matter. With so much available to the public in terms of cuisine, these selections help in choosing where to dine and really enjoy it.

This year, the awards were handed out in Lima (Latin America’s new gastronomic hotspot) and Argentina took home 15 of the top 50 spots. Many of the chosen restaurants belong to the new wave of Argentine gastronomy and are part of the GAJO group, who focus on creating a new national cuisine incorporating fresh in-season local ingredients from around the country in a modern and creative way. Amongst the prized restaurants of this group were Hernán Gipponi Restaurant, Casa Umare, Paraje Arévalo, Aramburu, Oviedo, Pura Tierra, and Chila. Other Argentine restaurants on the list were Tegui, La Cabrera, Tomo 1, Sucre, Francis Mallmann 1884, EL Baqueano, Unik and Elena.

What are your favorite Argentine restaurants?