FIFBA 2012- Folklore Festival

(Photo by matias.dutto)

The 2012 Festival Internacional de Folklore de Buenos Aires (FIFBA) is coming up this weekend with a great line-up of traditional music and dancing.

The festival, which will be held from Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of April in the Bosques de La Plata and its surroundings, will officially kick off on Friday at 7pm with a Carnaval Concierto featuring a Sikuri band (typical of the Aymara people from the regions of Bolivia and Peru) and Ballet Amerindia amongst others. The full program can be found here and features renowned folklore artists such as Chango SpasiukChaqueño Palavecino, and Luciano Pereyra amongst others.

There will also an ecological village where different options for sustainability will be exhibited such as a theatre powered by electric bikes.  Eco-activities, including lessons on how to make “seed-bombs” to transform areas of the city into large vegetable gardens (an idea by Japanese biologist Masanobu Fukokua which is applied in Argentina by Articultores) will also be offered.

To get to La Plata the best option is to take a long distance bus from Retiro, which takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half, depending on traffic and on the bus. Buses leave every twenty minutes from the Retiro bus terminal, and tickets cost 20 pesos for the fast bus and 10 pesos for the slower bus that also stops at Constitucion. The bus service is Terminal Costera linea 195 and the timetable is available here.

We Recommend: Feria de Mataderos

(Photo by Tanoka)

Every Sunday locals gather around the Mataderos fair where a wide variety of locally produced goods are sold including regional foods, gaucho accessories, knitwear, and leather bags amongst others. Gaucho traditions, such as the “carrera de sortija” and typical dances from around the country are carried out on a stage.

Also in the area is  the Corrales Museum, which exhibits a wonderful collection of items and customs of Criollo tradition. The display includes tools, boleadoras, Indian bow and arrows, gaucho accessories, stirrups, animal markers, and carriages amongst others.

If you’re looking for a taste of real local culture, this is definitely the place to go!

The fair is on Lisandro de la Torre Avenue, in Mataderos on Sunday. To get there,  we suggest you coordinate transport with the hotel as you will have to go through some dodgy areas to arrive.